Thursday, December 3, 2015

What I Bring to the Table

When it comes to love I'm very conventional, a word that probably strikes fear in a lot of gay guys hearts.  So yeah, I'm probably very "boring" to those that want open relationships.  "Dull" to those who want to add a third person.  And "closed-minded" to those who use assorted drugs to make sex more interesting.

So be it.  I don't do those things, but here's what I do bring to the table...

  • I am completely monogamous.  My future husband will never ever have to worry about me cheating on him.  Frankly, if I'm in love with someone I don't find others attractive at all.  If you don't believe that the problem lies with you not with what I said.
  • I put my whole heart into a relationship.  If I let a guy into my heart I am the most giving, thoughtful, and romantic person he'll ever know.  I'm very proud of that fact too.  I'm very attentive.  I believe the little everyday things we do to tell each other that we care are the most important. And I think that they should be told everyday, even when we're apart.  It comes in the form of little notes, quick texts, making breakfast, nudging them a little bit as we walk down the street, a hand on their leg while you're driving somewhere, staring at each other until you smile and inevitably tackle each other, and so many other little things to show that you care.
  • Amazing sex.  While sex isn't all of a relationship, it is part of it and it is a vital part just like communicating, thoughfulness, and romance. I strive to be the best sex you've ever had.  Ever.  Preferably by far.  I want you completely delirious.  Afterward I want your legs to be spaghetti and your heart to be mine.  It's not me stroking my own ego.  I'm not going to prove it, unless you happen to be the one.  But it's true.  I am the best you'll ever have.  I get off on getting you off regardless of the roles we happen to play in bed.
  • I have a good heart.  Crazy good sex aside, I'm the penultimate boy next door.  I'm great with parents, families, and your gay friends will be very jealous.  I'm very low drama.  I can't stand drama.  At no point will I do something to embarrass my future husband or otherwise make him embarrassed to be with me.  Mothers love me incidentally.  Like, really love me.
  •  I'm looking for a storybook romance and a fairytale happily ever after.  I want to sweep a guy off his feet and have him sweep me off mine.  I want it to be magical and unbelievable.  I want us to be the couple everyone is jealous of, not because we're super hot or really talented or what have you, but because when they look at us we seem like we were made for each other, that we compliment each other so perfectly, that there could be no one else in the world that would be better for each other.  
  • I want a family and us to have careers.  I want to have kids someday with the man of my dreams.  I want a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, with a nice car, and a backyard.  I want us to be dedicated parents, raising thoughtful, kind, well-rounded children.  If it was necessary I would give up my career to stay home and raise them.  Likewise, if he prefered, I'd want my husband to do so instead.  
  •  I'd go to the ends of the earth for love.  If he's he right person, I make time for him, make room for him in my life.  For the perfect guy, I find ways to make it work.  If he happened to be in he military and move about the country, I would follow.  If after ten years, his job suddenly moved him to another time zone, I would follow.  If his goals included being the greatest musician in the world, I'd support him every step of the way.  Or maybe he wanted to start a business.  I'd work right along side of him to help him make his dreams come true.  I'm not just looking out for myself and my goals, I am supportive and want to help him achieve his as well.  Love is he most important thing in the world.  True love, doubly so.  When I find it, it becomes the most important thing in my life.  The trick is finding it.
  •  I'm told I'm pretty cute.  Just saying.  If it comes down to the most shallow of reasons, that's what people say.

In the end, I'm very likable.  There are very few people whom I don't get along with.  Most people like me a lot.  My goal is to be the perfect boyfriend and later husband to one amazing guy.  And, I'm going to do it too.  The first step is to become the guy that will attract the perfect guy for me.  I think I'm doing pretty well there.  Then find him.  Who knows, sometimes the real deal just happens.  Attract him.  I just be myself, no games or silliness, they only hurt a potential relationship.  They're basically lying about yourself.  And happily ever after... Well, I'll prove anyone wrong who thinks it's not possible.

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