Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time Spent

For the last couple of months, as I have previously described, I have been dreadfully busy. I'm not going to describe it again so as to not bore you too too much. Suffice to say, it's been interesting. I had been planning to talk a lot about my student teaching. But I never got the time to do that. I'll get to it hopefully this summer as more of a reflective piece. We'll see. I also wanted to do my ranting thing that I find joy in, but haven't had nearly enough time to do that, as you may have seen from the quality of my postings over the past three months or so. Oh well, you'll live and so will I. Regardless, I do intend to think up some more stuff soon... One I will talk about is the value we place on intelligence and the ranking of intelligences. Also, I want to take a look at certain areas that we are woefully forgetting to teach our children about. And, likewise, a rant about drug policy. But, that's for later. Also, in many respects, I have taken to less grammatically stiff prose. So be it. Forgive me for my sentence beginning buts and ands and so on. You'll live, and so will I with a sentence fragment or two as well. At any rate, I'm finding ways to budget my time better and with the extra time I'm forcing into my schedule, I'm going to find something relaxing to do. Fuck knows I need it badly. I don't know what form that will take, but it will certainly not be sleep, although I would like more of that as well. I have an idea, but like I said, we'll see what pans out. In short, since I've figured out the aforementioned (in the last post) I'm going to fix a few mistakes and right a few wrongs and see how far that gets me in terms of happiness. We'll see. But for now, never let things get you down, live your best life regardless of its length or starting point or whatever, and always always always FlyFreeForever.

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