Monday, July 31, 2006

Odd Ends

Oh don't we just love our icons and leaders? Mitt Romney and Mel Gibson first. Isn't it just nice to understand how far we've come from the 1950's. So very nice. Racism AND ethnic slurs. Beautiful isn't it. Just makes me want to machine gun people. At least I was right in my pessimism all along, that our country consisted of a few enlightened souls and a whole shitload of idiotic, tactless propaganda inboxes.

And that brings me to Condy Rice. Isn't she just a spectacular diplomat? What ARE her qualifications? And she's going back and forth to the Middle East and around the world for us? Fuck, no wonder we're as screwed as we are.

With that said, let us all rejoice in the two term limit. I know they made it because of a liberal, but at least it'll go to good use.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lifting a Weight Off My Heart

Many months ago, around New Years, I announced my resolution for the year and that I wanted to begin with a clean slate for 2006 whereby I carpet-forgave everyone who had ever hurt me, ever did anything to me at all, bar only one person, who at the time I could see no feasible way to forgive.

But I've had a lot of time to sort through things over the past 101 days and I figured it was time to finish this little one off for good. For one, when they dwell on the past, does not live, does not evolve, is stuck in essence in a rut unwilling to let go on the has-beens and what-ifs of our life.

**I would also just like to say right here and now that I don't care who reads this. It is personal, yes, very much so, but it is to my benefit for those who know me to know this little bit of very personal information. So please read on. And by all means never think that I'm unwilling to talk to you about any of it.**

So here it goes in probably the most personal thing I've ever wrote:

To Dad, (I dare not say dear of course, because you were never really dear to me)

Since Day One you have made my life a living hell, one nightmare after another after another and I can't stand it anymore. I'm moving on. I no longer have the energy or desire to give a damn about our little fight. It just doesn't matter anymore. I've learned a few things in the past months, true happiness, compassion, love, fear, embarrassment, and more. The real emotions not the contorted ones you procure.

For my entire life you have impeded my wellbeing. Your verbal, emotional, and yes at times physical abuses took place for years, for years before I was able to defend myself. But I can defend myself now, as you no doubt have realized. And soon enough, I will do for myself exactly what I should've done years ago. Move on.

I understand that not all of it is your fault totally. You grew up I know, under much the same condition, an occurrence I personally could trace back four generations. Four generations of inexcusable, irresponsible, detrimental, horrendous behavior. I know that you were a victim of some of the same that you have now put me through. I know this, better than you realize.

You are stunted emotionally. But even after all you've done to me, I've not lost quite everything you have. And I'm fixing the damage feverishly that you did do to me I might add. You have a problem expressing love and a severe issue with anger management. You are not good with people of any age. I know this; I've lived it. For nineteen years I lived it. Did I ever live it! And miraculously I survived too.

Our fights were monumental. I don't think anyone reading this could ever truly understand how they really were. Not even close. I can't remember the number of times I lost my voice and beyond. I can't count the hours of wasted life. I can't even begin. I've left years of my life in wake of these fights. I know it and you know it. No one else could possibly know exactly what I mean, having not seen the end result of one of our bigger goes. But it happened, and I daresay it's left me more mentally scarred than you could ever understand.

But I'm not writing this to describe the activities of two people who's combined hardheadedness has dented walls, scared neighbors and children, and emotionally enclosed members of our own family. I know that you care but that you are unable to express it most of the time. I won't end up that way. I will never lay a hand on any of my progeny or mate(s). I will not. I can't, and ironically, you've in doing everything that you've done to me given me the only foolproof defense against it. The greatest fear I have is that one day for even one millionth of a second that I'll turn out just like you. But I won't let that happen. I will not continue this course; I will not force onto my progeny the error of your ways and your inability to control yourself.

I do fear one other thing though, I it's coming true before my eyes. And this scares me more than anything else. My brother is continuing it. He is and I can't stop it. He's turning into you. And now I've got one duty left to this line of emotional dysfunction, to be that much more immune, that much more diligent, that much more present, and to some how some way find a way to break down the walls he's erected as I once nearly did. I don't know yet what I'm going to do, but believe me I will find a way. I have to find a way before he does something to someone else again.

I know that if you ever see this letter that you will not understand what I mean. I don't think you ever could. Not really. But it's reason is not for your personal wellbeing, but for mine. I'm going to beat the damage you've inflicted. You better believe it. And then I'll stop it from being spread through my brother. And then, if I can, I will come help you if for the very least my mom can be happy again.

But for now I have to finish fixing the damage you inflicted on me, which I have suspicion was worse than to either my brother or sister, and to correct this dysfunction I have to say this:

I forgive you. I forgive your shortcomings and your inability to express emotion properly. I forgive you for the damage you've inflicted on me, the likes of which few will ever truly understand. I forgive you for ruining my childhood. I forgive you for introverting my personality against it's wishes. I forgive you for thinking that school grades are paramount to happiness and for convincing me the same for so many years. I forgive you for ever laying a hand on me in anger or under the guise of punishment. In short I forgive your for your parental and emotional inaptitude.

So now I've said what I wanted to for my benefit. But I also want to give you one warning. One very serious and dire warning. If you ever lay a hand on a member of my family EVER again, so help you because there is nineteen years of shit that a less civilized me would love to return in kind. And know that I am stronger than you. I am tougher than you now. And you cannot intimidate me. Just keep that in mind if ever you decide to strike out at my family again.

Sincerely, (as I do literally mean)


That's Life, and an Excuse

We all go through periods where we hurt, where we suffer under the weight of our unapologetic minds. We see every worst case scenario play out in our mind's eye. Death, pain, loss... the whole shebang. ("She bangs! She bangs!" Damn that made me smile. Only on Fox.) We sit and dwell on every horrible thing, every painful word of rejection. Everything hurts. And nothing matters anymore. Nothing. How could life carry on? How could we carry on with so much pain building up inside? We just want to curl up and die.

Some have it worse than others. We just want it to end. Just end. It hurts. It really really hurts sometimes you know. It feels like the weight of the world is pressing down on your chest. You can't breath. You can't speak. You can't even think. You are drowning in a pool of pain and suffering. And there is no chance to surface again.

We hurt because we care. And, not being too boastful I hope, some of us care more than others. Care so much that it hurts. Yes it hurts too. Lots of things hurt. And then the whole day spirals out of control. Down and down. And down. Deep into depression. Into pain and suffering.

Lots of people have it, yeah they do, depression. But that doesn't make it any less painful to endure. No less long. Or acute. Or unexpected. It hurts. I know. Oh do I ever know. But, I also know that there is a lot of love in the world. Oh yes, a lot. And we've only got to get up and find it. Or hope that it finds us. Though that does take longer. Not everyone cares as much as we do. Not nearly everyone. Not with war. And genocide. And rape. And the lot. There are even those among us who are so full of themselves that they don't bother to care for others. I know. I've met my share of them. Oh hell I have. And I can't do a damned thing about it. Believe me, I've tried. Oh hell I have.

Depression is a personal thing and no one can truly understand it. Understand this and you will be well off. But that doesn't me that you can't give us all a little nudge every now and then. That always helps too. You know, we'll be okay soon. Just give us some time and it'll pass. It always does. Oh hell it does. Thankfully it does.

Just remember that you hurt for one reason and one reason alone: Because you care. If you didn't care, you would not hurt. And those that care the most, hurt the most. Isn't that a nice Catch 22. And you know who the best people to talk to if you're depressed are? Us you fool! Those of us who understand what it's like most. And we can help each other all over the world! And know that you are not alone and that there are people, many people, out there who care deeply for you regardless of what you ever say or do. That will NEVER change. NEVER! And we'll all be waiting for you on the other side.

Spare a Second?

Starting to write is the hardest part. After the first line sometimes you just sit there for a long while staring at the page. Staring. Staring. Staring. Get up get a drink. Watch some TV. Come back. Fuck it's still just a single line. But you want to do it, you REALLY do! But you can't. You can't think. ...Well actually you can think, just of everything other than what you want to talk about. Just like me right now. I wanted to talk about depression, but here we are another blog almost complete and I've yet to begin.

I don't have the answers. Really, if I did I wouldn't be writing this right now. I'd be writing what I meant to say. But I guess as the end comes into focus, I'll have to content myself with knowing that eventually I'll get around to it. Just not now. Now, even though I still want to, I'm going to stop. I REALLY don't want to, but I will. It's just the way it always is. I can't help it. Just thought you'd like to know that there was someone else out there that procrastinates as much as you undoubtedly are doing for you actually are reading this post and got to this point where even negating a strong case of bull shit, you are still reading. And that said, we come to the end. Procrastinators rejoice!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Crazy Bitch

It's come to my attention that some people think I'm a little crazy. Well, let's clear the air: I am. Just a teensy bit. Somewhere deep down. Well, actually, it's rather close to the surface. In fact, sometimes I seem to emit it, so deep down would be a bit of a stretch.

But you know, when it comes right down to it, I don't care. It just doesn't matter, I've got better things to do. Cause, in the end don't we all just want to be happy? I do. And if you're in my way, I'll just have to nudge you a bit. You know, a friendly tap, knock you back on track, get the gears moving again.

The important thing is to enjoy life with the people you like and when it's all over you'll have no time for reminiscing because you'll still be living life up to the very end.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


If the world were perfect there would be no reason to fear. There would be no reason to fight. Or to hurt another. Each and every one of us wants this "utopia" of ours to exist. Each and every one of us desires to have their utmost hidden desires fulfilled. And, barring a few exceptions, they should be fulfilled. Of course we'd leave genocidists and con artists back. And rapists and thieves. They need some extra attention. (Author's note: Hold that thought for next time.)

Then we all gather together and agree not to discriminate and not to hate. Those who wish to do such, need not apply.

We agree to respect the privacy of others and their rights as human beings regardless of race, creed, orientation, sex, ability, socio-economic status or any other divider society could think up. All those who disagree can again remain behind.

Then we agree, in accordance with the above, that everyone is equal. There are no exceptions.

We agree to dispose of crime in all it's forms because it restricts society's advancement.

We do not infringe on the right to religious beliefs, however we restrict those beliefs to private settings and in doing so bar them from public affairs. Religion has no place in law. None. Religious morals will not dictate laws as that is in essence the tainting of society with the beliefs of single persons (the religious founders) and the obstruction of true equal representation. All people deserve equal representation and a single document greatly increases the power of it's writers and their influence on society.


The creation of laws must be of popular consent. That is, each law comes from the pool of all people, is defended by it's writer, and accepted or rejected by all people. There is no debate in the traditional sense. There is no changing a proposed law to sway voters. A law is as presented and unchanged for vote. The creator of the bill is allowed to defend his proposal and criticizers are allowed to do the same. Anyone can criticize. The bill however is defended only by it's creator. No one person may have more than 1% of all the bills proposed in a single year as represented by the previous year's number of bills.

All lawmaking will be broadcast on live television with a previously determined schedule (24 hours before at least), based upon a first-come first-serve order system. In the event of an emergency, laws may be brought up out of order only upon a vote of all those proposing bills that day. If the motion carries, then the bill is read and voted upon. Every person has the right to fight against the passage of a bill. They need only arrive in the lawmaking chamber before the bill is read. Or, in the event of being unable to arrive in time, they may attend the meeting via telephone or video conferencing. Bills pass when and only when 60% of voters agree. Voting may be done in person or over the internet by every person in the nation. One may only vote once naturally. Votes are collected for one hour after the initial voting process begins and absentee voting is allowed for up to a year after the bill is initially voted on. The bill becomes law one hour after the first vote is counted if 60% is achieved, but may be nulled if a sufficient number of votes are accrued afterwards to bring the total under 50%.

With the exception of this constitution, laws are total. Laws are eternal and have no end date. However, a law may be challenged with a new bill. And, if the bill succeeds, then the law will be nullified. No new law is created in this procedure. The bill must then be voted on again in three months for ratification (barring an aforementioned emergency). If the 60% needed is accrued then the bill becomes law as any other would. This is such so that no law will be enacted as the lesser of two evils.

There will be no legislative leaders. No one will be paid in any way for their services, including gifts or gestures.

Laws are singular in purpose. They may not encompass more than one statement or reach beyond their first purpose. They are not to exceed 5000 words in length and all must be available to every citizen prior to and after voting. They are to be written clearly and concisely. If this becomes questionable, then the bill should be voted down by the public.

The voting age for bills is based on a competency test taken in the language of their choice, after unbiased and detailed instruction regarding the legislative process. To vote for bills (and to produce one) one must achieve at least an 85% on the competency test. The test may be taken as many times as one wishes, without charge. It is to be administered in a public forum with all precautions taken to prevent cheating.


The court system is split into three levels inside two districts. District One takes care of all disputes regarding the breaking of laws. District Two takes care of all private disputes and anything else that does not including disputes brought forward because of the breaking of laws. Both Districts are to be located in the same building.

All trials are to be tried by a judging body of one's peers. All judges must be certified voters and pass a second test regarding judicial policy with at least a 85%. Each trial has eleven judges and all have equal power. Judges are picked at random from the pool of judges and are paid for their work per day equal to the amount that they would've been paid in accordance to their average rate of pay over the past six months. Judges must sit in on all proceedings for their case. No exceptions unless they are dead or hospitalized. If a judge then is missing, they are not replaced, the trial continues without them. And if an appeal is granted upon new evidence, then only the judges that voted on the outcome previously are allowed to attend. Judges are to be tested annually on their knowledge and must attain the same 85% each time to continue. This may be taken only once a year. No one may judge a case after the 30th anniversary of their first trial and they may also not be chosen, and must be removed from the pool if they are incarcerated or a part of an impending trial.

Level One of the court system, of both Districts (as all levels do), is located locally, there being now hundred mile circular radius without a courthouse, though they may be closer in densely populated areas.

Level Two is a higher level court to which Level One courts' decisions may be appealed at. All cases that are judged at Levels One and Two may be appealed. Level Two courts are located only in the top 20 largest cities, as determined every ten years by census.

Cases may only be brought before a Level Three Court if it has been judged in a Level One and Two and the verdict was overturned in the Two. All verdicts presented in a Level Three court are final. There is no appeal after that unless new evidence is obtained. If so, the case goes back to a Level One court for review of the new evidence with the same persons that judged the first trial (that also goes for any appeals afterwards). Level One courts also have the ability to deny a trial to repeat cases, if the evidence does not warrant a new trial. The judging body must have a 4/5ths vote to deny a new trial. If denied, the case is permanently over, unless new evidence surfaces in addition to old. There is only one Level Three court and it is located in the capital city and only moves if the capital does.

All trials are privately recorded and stored at the courthouse. Judges may peruse the tapes at any time during their deliberation. A transcript of all deliberations will be available publicly without identifying the author of each statement. No one unrelated to the trial is allowed in the courtroom.

Transportation to any court proceeding is free for anyone involved in the trial.

Judges may only sit in on one trial at a time. All courthouses must be large enough to sustain the number of trials that goes through it within one month of their application (all are able to apply for a trial). If there is a shortage of judges, that is if a pending trial waits more than one month to be heard and the pool of available judges have been exhausted, then the trial may be moved to the nearest equal-level courthouse. If there is a Level Three clog, that is to say that all judges everywhere are occupied, then the case will have to wait until the judges are available.

All cases tried in the same court for a second or subsequent time must take place at a time where all required judges are available, which may be more than a month, but no more than a year. If it takes a year, then they will be pushed ahead of other cases to get it fit in.


There is no executive office.


There is no need for checks and balances as everyone is represented. Laws and rulings may exist on a national, regional, or local scope. That is for each law itself to decide. If laws are voted for regionally, only that region can vote on them, likewise for local issues. Regional laws overreach local laws; national laws overreach regional and local laws. This document and it's rules within cannot ever be changed.


Well there we have it, the start of my ideal nation.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Rantings of A Mad Man Part IX: Shards of Broken Thought

People who appear toughest, hurt the most because they haven't got an outlet to let it all out.

Ducks are one of few animals other than humans which engage in gang rape.

Sexual activity clears the sinuses.

Everyone today is trying to escape from their lives. Why can't we just fix the world we live in?

The Church fears sex because hormones cause man to disobey the Church's rules.

There is no truth, only perception.

When people die in movies and whatnot they always say they have no regrets. Bull shit. I can think of forty or fifty right off the bat.

Pollution is slowly killing us all, yet we continue to buy SUV's and burn fossil fuels.

Let me tell you from someone who knows: ignorance is not bliss. Have you ever gotten lost in a foreign country? Well when you do, go on and tell me if it's bliss or not.

The greatest books and movies of all time are quite long.

Ignorance IS bliss for those who want to fool you.

No god of mine would ever smite man.

How many manifestos out there are not controversial? That said, I want to write a manifesto. Just because.

The greatest politicians realize the true potential of their power and don't ever run for any office.

Fear is blinding, yes. Happiness is too. As is greed. And jealousy. And pain can be as well. Rage. Anger. Vengeance. They're all blinding. Now don't you see why man is blind.

The greatest person in the history of the world was probably killed. And if not yet, will soon be.

Humanity is a parasite yes, but parasites don't usually feed off each other as well.

The world will only end when we let it.

Give love a chance... and then cop it one on the head and make for the quick-dry cement shoes.

I have a pill to make your ears larger and I'll sell it to you for six bucks a bottle. I have another pill that'll make your middle finger larger so as to better your salute. Ten bucks a bottle. Oh, think that's absurd? Well, I've got a pill to make your penis larger too. Thirty bucks a bottle.

The cement in Hoover Dam will not be fully dry in your lifetime.

If every person in the world moved to one side of the globe and simultaneously jumped, the resultant tremor of our planet would dislodge it by less than the width of a hair.

Jeez people, make something in the U.S. again, please. I don't care what it is; I'll buy it; just make the damn thing!

Why do we continue to insist to hurt each other? Wouldn't everything be so much better if we all just agreed to leave each other alone?

What IS war good for?

We only hurt because we care. If we didn't care about someone or something, it wouldn't hurt at all.

Why do we really care what others think of us?

You take the high road, I'll take the low road, and I'll be in Scotland better off than you.

Why do I expect to understand the big questions in life when I can't even solve basic math equations?

Here's a word we could do without: ire

...And another: grizzled

...And still another: qat

...And that's all I've got tonight.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Until November!

So, we'll be waiting until after the November elections to find out if the proposed same-sex marriage ban will be on the ballots. All the better. Time is certainly an ally of GLBT's and their supporters. Perhaps just this once, yes the political process does work.

Remember though, when the time comes it is your responsibility to get out there and vote for equal rights. This is more important than watching re-runs of Seinfeld, possibly the most important vote that will come about in our lifetimes. Be a part of it. And remember, odds are, that by the time you are a grandparent, one of your progeny will be GLBT. Would you like to be the one to look into their eyes and tell them that you were part of the reason they don't have the right to legally marry the one they love?

If that doesn't help then let me ask one question. How do you know you're straight? Are you sure? I mean what tells you that you are in fact straight? Whatever it is, it's the same thing that tells others that they are not. So deal with it.

Monday, July 10, 2006

This Week's News, July 10th 2006

Massachusetts SJC ruled that if the legislature decides to put a same-sex marriage amendment on the November ballot then it would be legal to do so. Well, I can't help but be nervous about this one, but I'm still optimistic. As many of you already know my views on same-sex marriage, I will not rant here and now. Perhaps Wednesday after the legislature makes their decision.

Manhattan building blows up, gas leak suspected. Not terrorism related. Well at least it wasn't terrorism, I wouldn't think that Bush's ratings could go lower.

Iraq now semi-officially in civil war.I kinda thought that started three years ago. Bureaucracy, heh. It makes everything so complicated.

Boy drowns trying to save two other boys at a charity picnic.Well that just sucks. (Slow news week)

Friday, July 7, 2006

The Bush Beating Around the Bush

I would like to say yes yet again another twisted press conference, but I can't. I could count the number of our President's press conferences on my fingers. You see he talks and talks, yet digging himself deeper into the floor. And I laugh and laugh. Hypocrisy abounds my friends. He won't answer hypothetical questions involving North Korea but will on Iran. Why? Because North Korea is far and away stronger than Iran. We could not in truth run a war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and then North Korea. It's not possible. We don't have the money. We don't have the resources. And we most certainly don't have the man power.

Then he talks about how he cares for the people of North Korea. And the AIDS victims in Africa and the refugees of Darfur. Yet our President has cut funding to birth control and sexual education in Africa, the only way to stop AIDS before it starts. All because we should believe in abstinence only techniques. Guess what, adults above children, will not accept abstinence. It's just foolish. Without real education more people will contract AIDS and more money will be needed to help these people later, whether in AIDS drugs or in moneys needed to stabilize the area after an entire generation of men and women die of an insipid disease.

Apparently it is unfair to give a timetable of withdrawal from Iraq, not to our cause, to our troops? That's what he said. Please explain this. Tell me that our troops are smart enough to understand that they are not mechanical puppets but actual people who deserve to be brought home safely, that their lives are their own and not the property of a lackluster, Elmer Fudding Commander and Chief.


"I am committed to the spread of liberty, because that's how we're founded." -President Bush, Press Conference 7-7-06, Chicago.

Personally I don't see why we should force our ways on other people. True we did it ourselves, but that's the point. WE DID IT OURSELVES. We didn't have someone invade our country, strip it of natural resources, and then leave it in disrepair.


And now, our saying that we shouldn't work in Iraq alone is considered elitist by our Commander and Chief. Isn't that cute.


He speaks of "universal rights of men and women" when talking about liberty. Yet we imprison people without trial or evidence, without lawyer and without question. We dive into another's country and pull people out to our secret prisons.


"The cause is noble and necessary."

It is noble to invade other countries to "spread freedom". Well not freedom really, just our brand of it. And in doing so we give up our own rights at home. I don't know about you but I have a different view of what's noble. And what's not noble is war. Then there's necessary, a vague term, very vague, necessary for what. For stability? Surely not. For a radical view of our brand of democracy? Evidently. That's what it is you know. Radical. his view of our democracy is radical bordering on authoritarian. Pathetic.


And last, but not particularly in order, our addiction to oil. I just love it how we people, and you know who we is, talked about outsourcing jobs, oil addiction, global warming, etc. and they didn't believe us. We were quacks. We didn't know what we were talking about. And now, oh wait, we do have an addiction to oil, we are outsourcing jobs, oh and the earth is warming beyond the shadow of a doubt. Yet some radicals still won't believe us.

Ideas travel slowly my friends, very slowly. These things take time, and unlike Bush's strategy in Iraq and North Korea, we will win you over whether you like it or not. In fact, I won't be surprised if yet again you think you came up with it first.

Bush says that we're making progress on energy independence, we are not.

He says we are making progress in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are not.

He says we are making diplomatic progress with Iran and North Korea, we are not. Whatcha gonna do then, invade? Let's look at what's happened in Iraq and Afghanistan first.


Our president is confined by his archaic beliefs and should not be allowed to lead a donkey nevermind our country. The future of our country is liberal, especially compared to his radical, reactionary, democratic-in-name-alone, autocratic values.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Rantings of a Mad Man Part VIII: It Kept Me Up Tonight

Did you notice that we've stopped watching "reality tv" and now it's just TV? It still sucks, but now it's lumped together with all the other crappy programs on TV today.

This year is the bikini's 60 anniversary.


There are diurnal owls too.

A street light has been flickering on my street for two months and no one's called to get it fixed for free by the city, but the moment a headlight begins to dim we take our cars to the shop to fix it at cost to us.

Why do bottled waters taste different from each other?

To anyone who ever thought bottled water wasn't a scam. Evian, the name of a brand of bottled water, written backwards spells "naive".

If there's something called "deep space" is there also a "shallow space"? Is it between the ears of our president?

Why do white socks never turn white again after their first use?

The blue dye used in the socks worn by the predecessor to the Boston Red Sox was poisonous and potentially harmful if gotten into wounds.

The first game ever played at Fenway park was the Boston Red Sox versus the New York Islanders (the predecessor to the Yankees). The Red Sox won.

By and large, white baseball players get paid less on average than their minority counterparts.

George Carlin is 69 years old and is taking full advantage of it.

Bill Gates should go pressure the Wal-Mart children for donations to his charity.

Dan Rather was a scapegoat and no one who actually watched CBS Evening News wanted him to step down. Conservatives disgraced the career of a legendary broadcaster and the majority of Americans are going to be fooled by it.

Bill Clinton does not look as healthy as he did when he was killing himself with fast food.

President Bush said he wanted to increase the Pell Grant for college students, but his restructuring of it saved the government 270 million dollars and eliminated 81,000 people from its services.

Lincoln only freed the slaves to win a war.

Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod but refused to patent it saying that it was his gift to the world. And indeed, it is now used worldwide.

In 18th century Boston, if lightning were to strike a building causing it to catch on fire, they would not put the fire out on the building it struck but only on those it spread to calling the lightning strike an act of God.

Google has over 660 million entries for "sex" but only half that for marriage or wedding. Teehee, liberalism rules.

AND 1.34 billion entries for war, just 585 million for peace. (Pathetic isn't it)

The energy of one lightning bolt would power NYC for a year.

Sex relieves depression. Well actually orgasm does, so you could do it yourself if you want. But I see no better excuse to give your unwilling partner.

The Beatles' voices were never as high as they seem on many of their records, they were altered.

Mt. Everest is not the tallest mountain in the world and is getting shorter every day.

What did people do before toilet paper was invented?

Outhouse is a paradox and a pun at the same time.

There are places in India where the population density exceeds 450,000 people per square mile!

And finally... Sex before marriage is not immoral. They just say it is because they aren't getting any.

Monday, July 3, 2006


Well it occurred to me that I do a lot of opinionating here now and again. So below are what I consider to be the top five liberal news outlets online. They are all completely free and available to everyone. On the same train of thought, the links also will now permanently sit on the side bar directly above the Guest Book link.

1. - a personal favorite of mine. With well-written, professional liberal essays, very few ads (all on topic), and a clear mission statement, I find this to be the most accessible, functional, and practical liberal news site online today.

2. - news from all corners of the globe and all subjects, liberal of course. A little difficult to navigate, but well written. Biggest downside- numerous absurd ads.

3. - a vast archive of liberal op-ed's from the likes of Howard Zinn, Cindy Sheehan, and many, many others.

4. - provides numerous links to magazines, newspapers, and other outlets of the liberal leaning. Proves useful for vast quantities of links.

5. - provides a blog service for public debate. Join with your peers and learn a little at the same time.

Well that's it. I figured five would be enough, but there are far more out there. For more links visit this website or do the hip thing and google it:

Wake Up and Pay Attention

I'll tell you, life ain't like a box of chocolates. Sometimes you can know what you're gonna get. It's just those fools who think that it hasn't been staring them in the face for the last number of years that really have it coming to them. You see, I'd make a bet that it's completely possible to know exactly how someone's feeling at any moment of the day. And, more so, it is possible to read someone like a book, if you only push the right buttons, go about cracking their defenses the right way.

It's devious really. But dead useful. Mothers seem to be particularly good at this I've noticed. They always seem to know what's wrong. But I'd beg to say that anyone can do it. You just have to look out for the signs. A twitch, a smirk, a tear. All signs of a feeling or idea. All information usable for your advantage.

I know it can be devious. But dead useful to, remember. How better to better your relationships then to know exactly how your partner feels? How they think? What they need? I can't think of one. So sharpen up that intuitiveness and take it for a spin. Just know one thing. It is by far easier to analyze the feelings and thoughts of another when they are not involved with you. When it is personal, your emotions and thoughts cloud your judgment and more times than not leave you oblivious to even the most obvious hints. If successful, your partner will thank you for the effort. Even if they don't realize it.

Just a Little Bit

Life sucks sometimes you know, sucks the big one, but then sometimes it's real good.  I dunno why, but I'd sure like to find out.

Hey, I'm not the happiest person in the world, I know that. But I try and that should count for something.  People don't really understand that well.  I have my reasons. You can cheer me up, make me happy, but really, you'll never understand.  And I don't blame you.  No I don't.  Not in the least.  I don't want people to know.  To know is to know weakness, pain, my innermost thoughts and desires.  To survive in this world you have to be strong.  Unfortunately that means alienating yourself from yourself sometimes,  think of Beetlebrox in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for example.

I am not an emo asshole.  I don't like people who whine about their feelings I've never been in a band and I don't like their music.  I am too matured, a product of my life experience, to care.  I like graphic violence.  Oh hell yeah I do.  I like graphic sex.  The more the merrier.

I do want to say one thing, and some won't believe me I know, but I don't care.  I have never been truly angry at anyone outside of my own family.  Never.  In my mind, anything anyone could do to me pales in comparison to the hell that my family life has been over the years.  But I won't tell most people about those things and I try not to think about it.

Music is my redemption.  Listening not playing.  Rock only please.  The only true music style in my mind.  Nothing is like the power of music.  It brings me to a place where I make the rules.  Where I'm happy and anything's possible.  Nothing like listening to my headphones, tuning the world out, or blasting the fucking hell out of the neighbors ear drums and vibrating the plaster off the walls. Hell yeah!

I don't care who reads this, seriously not at all.  I didn't really say anything at all.  Just scratching the surface.  Figured that someone out there might like to know that there are real people out there with real problems.  The kind you don't go to therapy for.  The kind that you don't whine and cry about.  The kind that are best fought rather than shared.

Life sucks.  Well for the most part.  But I do hope that for you it doesn't suck quite as much as it has for me over the years.  And you couldn't understand how much it sucked.  If you truly genuinely care to know, then ask.  But no one does.  And I don't blame them.  No one wants to feel bad.  And I don't want to have others feel sorry for me.  That really gets me annoyed.  

Just remember that everything I am now is a product of my past and of my trying to escape it.  But everyday it gets a bit better.  It's a long way going still and the hardest part is yet to come.  We'll all move on eventually.  Hopefully sooner than later.  I am not emo.  Just in case there was any misinterpretation.  This is serious shit.

Sunday, July 2, 2006

My News Tidbits

The Arkansas high court has reversed a previous decision disallowing gay couples to adopt. ( Well it's about damn time.

The U.S. Millitary describes homosexuality as a mental disorder despite most every expert denying this accusation. ( Now just be careful not to blame this on bureaucracy, it's actually what the government believes. Save us from the stupid!

On July 4th, 2006, North Korea tested two short range missiles in direct violation of international regulations. The U.S. responded with brief chastisement. ( This just tells me that we'll invade countries weaker than ourselves but not those who have a chance of fighting back. And don't tell me we wouldn't've invaded Iraq if they tested anything larger than a bottle rocket.

Ann Coulter is taking heat for yet again seemingly plagiarizing parts of her new book ( from various fully available sources. ( See, not only doesn't she pose unintelligent, illogical arguements twisted to fit the tyrannical views of the Christian right, she's also a thief! I love who ever figured this one out.

President Bush has said that he will go ahead with millitary tribunals, that just last week were deemed illegal under the Geneva Accords by the SJC. ( This administration is yet again breaking the law, and yet again seriously so. I think it's about time we make some arrests.

Flag burning is still legal, despite the efforts of Republican Congressmen to ban it. ( What a way to support our troops. Forget about them and focus on flag burning.

After a yearly check-up, Dick Cheney is said to be in good health.
( Well good is a relative term I suppose. Perhaps he is the healthiest man to every survive a quadruple bypass and two angioplasties. I don't know. But I do hope that our medical community doesn't endorse this accessment. Sounds like someone needs to go back to med. school.