Sunday, November 27, 2005


Well, we're on our way to lawfully discriminate against a sect of our society here in Massachusetts. As of last weekend, it was announced that "they" now have 120,000+ signatures (twice as many as "they" needed) to put a constitutional amendment onto the ballot defining marriage as between "one man and one woman". Where did these votes come from? Conservative Christians, of course, the signature sheets were sent around parishes for much of the last year. What a separation of church and state we have. Better yet, isn't it just special that the Catholic Church has decided that it has a role to play in government affairs. Because those who don't sign the petition will go to hell of course.

Three words: Crock of shit.

They argue that homosexuality is unnatural, that it is a sin, that there is a sanctity to marriage. Yet, no one's god has come down from on high and proclaimed that the sexual urges of one tenth of the population (extrapolated to 400-500 million people worldwide) is a sin. Furthermore, more than 1\2 of all marriages now end in "non-Christian" divorces. Apparently birth control is wrong too. Jesus Christ, when will we all see that maybe, just maybe they're wrong. If you were them, at the apex of the most lucrative business venture in the history of the world, wouldn't you try anything to remain in charge.

At it's roots, Christianity was, and is, a spectacular and mind-blowing idea. Love thy brother; treat others the way you want to be treated; thou shalt not kill... and so on. When did it become a money-sucking, mind-bending, heathenistic corporation. Or to put it another way, what happened in the Bible when Jesus found people treating the temple like a marketplace... bad pun but all hell broke loose. Now I ask you, the Church pays no taxes, is free of state regulations, why then does it need to bring in billions, and I'd bet trillions of dollars worldwide every year? Where does all of this money go? Golden idols? Hush-hush payoffs? God?

All I'm saying is that government should be kept separate from the Church. Furthermore, I hope when Voting Day comes around that everyone votes with their minds and not their "hearts". Democracy was built on majority rule, yet it has survived because of the majority's ability to accept the harmless wishes of the minority. In short, who are we to let "the Vatican bulldog" write discrimination into our state's constitution? I think that I've made myself clear.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Ten Ways to Piss Off State Trooper

1. Mace him.
2. Flatulence.
3. Flip him the bird.
4. Call 911, ask for a date.
5. Make a pass at an officer of the same sex, hope they're straight.
6. Three words: Traffic Light Challenge.
7. Moan when he pats you down.
8. Pet the dog in his backseat.
9. #8 again, because it means at least three different things.
10. Crazy Glue lawn gnomes on the hood of his cruiser.

-Fly Free Forever.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Ventings of a Mad Man Pt. 3

To continue my ventings... I've changed my mind. Not on the aforementioned of course, but on what I want to say now. Privacy. Elected officials are people. Law enforcement officers are people. We are people. What gives some people the right to tell other people that they need to give them access to their things? Especially so, who gave them that right when we've done nothing wrong. Are we punishing people before they commit crimes that they weren't going to commit in the first place? Don't get me wrong. I'm all for restricting the rights of people who have broken the law, though only during their sentence period. And, I believe in restricting the rights of people who outrightly appear to be ready to commit a crime (man running with gun down the street, drunk drivers, etc.) But what I don't believe in is restricting the rights of everyone for the sake of capturing the few. I don't want to pass through metal detectors to get into my high school. I don't want to have to carry a national ID card. I will not be told what I can and cannot wear, speak, or think. I do not want my privacy invaded for the sake of eliminating petty crime that I am not a part of in the first place (or even if I was a part of it for that matter(obviously)). Since when have we begun to sink ourselves down to the level of this minority. Are we that frightened for our safety that we are willing to restrict our own freedoms for the sake of a feeling of security? Personally, I believe that everyone should have the right to do whatever they want unless it impedes on the rights of others to do the same. And, if competing actions impede on both parties then neither should be able to do theirs until they figure out how to do them without offending each other. Got it? Safety my ass. The restriction of privacy, of freedoms is a joke. A manifestation of a paranoid sect of society so full of itself and its own intentions that it alienates all others. Without freedom there is no living. Without living, we cease to be.

Ventings of a Mad Man Pt. 2

I realize that my previous comments may upset a good portion of the population and I would like to take this time to set the record straight. 1. I don't care. People are too touchy today. No one is allowed to say their mind without it being taken offense of. 2. For those who hold the believe that the moral majority exists I say the following: War is moral. The death penalty is moral. Cutting the taxes of the rich while letting the poor suffer is moral. GWB is a moral and righteous person. Death to Communism. Death to Socialism. Death to fascism. I think you get my point. 3. If you believed a word I said above: You're dumb. 3. (Because the above didn't count) Liberal Guilt: a term that conservatives give to compassion because they cannot comprehend the feeling themselves. 5. (Because 3 doesn't count and 3 counts twice) Political Correctness: Pussies. 6. & 9. (because those numbers just go together) Distraction: So how many people have lost jobs in this country in the last year? How many people have lost their lives in Iraq during the war? 7. The future (because 7's the lucky number): 2008 -> I don't care who runs, I'm voting for them. 8. Intelligence: Those that have should and those that haven't shouldn't. 10. (Because we already used 9, see 8 if you don't understand) Prediction: Conservatives are going to lose many seats in the upcoming election year. But not enough to make a difference. This will come to a head in 2008 with a virtual tie in Congress heading into election season.

Ventings of a Mad Man Pt. 1

Morality is a concept not a prerequisite of the Republican party, lest we forget certain events like Watergate, I'm sure that was morally sound. The free market economy is only supported by conservatives for two reasons, one: to increase the population of people buying companies crap so as to increase profits, and two: because cheaper labor equal greater profit. Individual liberty like from the Patriot Act? Or maybe a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage? Surely these increase individual liberties not curtail them. Justice is an abstract concept that only the foolish would contribute solely to the conservatives. There is no protection from criminals, they will always exist if one is taken off the streets others will replace them especially when the economy is what it is today. Homeland security is a construct of the Bush administration meant to frighten people into forgetting that the economy is in shambles. No amount of money will ever secure our boarders. Furthermore, it doesn't matter so long as we have home-grown "terrorists" too. England is socialist, are they too liberal for you? Communism and Marxism are concepts derived from the ideals of a single person(s). These ideals have since been distorted by dictators looking for power. Neither one is inherently a bad system, just as capitalism isn't, but when the bad out weighs the good, just like in capitalism, perhaps because of a tyrannical dictator, then the system gets a bad rap. And finally, how can one murder the unliving? You said it yourself, the unborn. And I would like to add one last thing. Liberals believe in peace, conservatives believe in war. Liberals believe in giving people a second chance, conservatives kill them using an injection that paralyzes the body, melts the lungs, and stops the heart from beating in mid-stream. Liberals bring us social security and tolerance of all people regardless of sex, creed, orientation, disability, etc. Conservatives discriminate against orientation and they did discriminate against the color of their skin until a democrat heavy Congress struck down laws allowing them to do so. Furthermore, name two "great" conservative presidents. That is, presidents who greatly improved the lives of our citizens in some way.

Junk Mail

I hate junk mail. It's only purpose is to entice it's reader into buying a product that they wouldn't have ordinarily bought. I hate opening the mailbox and pulling out a handful of these propaganda-esque envelopes. Don't we all. But my hatred doesn't end there, no sir (or ma'am...), I've reached a whole new level of rage towards wayward mail just today.

Every Thurs.-Sat. I sort mail for the Webster-Dickinson cluster at UMass Amherst. Now, this job does entitle a slight propensity towards junk mail hatred, if the 3000+ spam I cleared out of my email account yesterday wasn't enough, but no, today I sorted 600 separate pieces of mail from Capital One. Free credit cards, hah, take it and they've got you hooked. But I digress... That wasn't what annoyed me really, I sort junk mail all the time (maybe a third of all mail I sort) but this time, I knew for a fact that not only was it junk mail that everyone was just going to throw out, also I found that none of them were going to the right persons. Each was addressed to the persons that lived in the dorms last year.

Therefore, as I finished, a steady stream of "misaddressed mail" flew into the box. It's nice to know that sometimes everything we do is utterly pointless. Or (possibly the only good spin I can put on it) tonight I helped facilitate a reversal of the chaotic breakdown of the universe into nothingness, I made things just a little more complicated. Besides, it's not like I had anything that I'd rather be doing with two hours of my time in the evenings. Right?

Just Another Note

I'd like to take this time to better describe the description of my blog. If for anyone, for myself.

A forum of the unwillingly two-faced:

Sometimes we feel that we live seperate lifes one internally and one externally. This blog is for those whose internal is screaming for release.

the rantings of a mad man:

Not the rantings of a "madman", I'm not crazy. This is just a place for my maddening thoughts to roam free, a sort of free-range internal zoo.

and the victims of the invisable, indelible systems:

A spelling error, shit. Irregardless, and yes in my mind that is a word (a word is a sound that conveys meaning [and you know what I'm meaning])... Irregardless, in society there are those who have and those who have not. This is true of all societies regardless of design. There is no utopia. This blog is for those of us who have been to the proverbial mountain and come back (for some inexplicable reason) and for those whom life periodically treads on.

for those beaten down, run out...

This is pretty self-explanatory (see also the above)

...scattered into the abcesses of humanity that I like to call the Machiavellian Wasteland.:

I've yet to fully understand the mean of these words (that I created). In time I hope to get a better understanding of the idea.




Copyright: "As You Like It: As Seen on TV (Special Edition)" 2005.


I remember the night��
The building was dark,
A museum of sorts.
It was peaceful there.
But, as I walked up and down those vacant halls,
Something was just not right.

It started as a feeling,
Deep down inside.
It grew.
Something was watching��

Through the deep piercing shadow of shadows,
A man,
A man searching for me.
But ever present.
The cloaked man of deepest dark,
Eternally watchful.

Peaceful no more,
I ran.
Up the stairs.
Up, up, up,
To the top of the flight,
To the top floor.
Looking down the dim hall,
Again nothing but dark,
But he IS there.
Somewhere in wait,
For me.

Deep down I felt him step,
In the dark as I go on,
Faster than before.
Up, up, up.
The footsteps,
Thunderous treads on my soul,
Now louder than ever before.

The highest level,
Nowhere to run.
I could go no further.
The man still in pursuit,
I entered the door,
Closing it behind,
Locking it in vain.
As though one could keep him out,

I ran to the open window,
Peered out into the moonless sky,

The footsteps cease,
And fear gripped my heart.
Back into the room I stared,
Now face to face with the man.
The image becomes unclear,
My heart skips a beat,
His thin, pointed, pale nose,
Inches from my own.
Piercing eyes entering my own,
Bearing down��

I turned back to the window,
And leapt.
Down, down, down,
Into forever lasting darkness.
Adapted from: "After-hours" by myself
Copyright "As You Like It: As Seen on TV (Special Edition)" 2005.

Just a Memory

One night, a long time past,
Stumbling through the darkness,
The cold icy drops of rain
Hitting my face,
As I dragged IT behind me.

Up and down the dunes,
Wet and icy like the wind,
I stumbled on,
Pulling IT behind me.

On and on, I went,
Through the darkness of night.
Still wet,
And icy cold,
Still dragging IT along.

On, and on,
Past the dark pier,
Through even icier gusts now,
Up the hill,
Up into a room of logs.

Off comes the heavy coat,
Onto the rack,
Letting go of IT,
Down by the fire,
Where IT sits,
My very wet dog Rex.

Copyright "As You Like It: As Seen on TV (Special Edition)" 2005.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


This came from a previous comment on my first blog. I later decided that it should take up space.

I set up this blog as a vent for a ranter and his like. Though I primarily created this page for my own reasons, feel free to comment or post something of your own. Talk about anything you want. Nothing is taboo here. Feel free to vent. But I digress, the purpose of this blog was to create sanity in a sea of insanity. I don't judge; I don't discriminate; I don't hate. If you follow these principles you can write whatever you want. If you write hate I will delete it. But otherwise, have fun.


A screech in the silence,
Treads to a tree,
Wrapped around you are,
A birch and SUV.

Pain for but a second,
A flash in the pan,
Darkness comes swiftly
To the greatest of man.

There is no escape,
As the world goes cold.
Time hath sent vengeance
To a man not yet half old.

Yet time will go on.
(Though not for you.)
The world stops for no man.
I wish that weren't true.

Just a Thought

The greatest mistake you can make in life is continually fearing that you'll make one.

-Elbert Hubbard

Who We Are

We are who we are. Nothing can change that. Why then does society spend so much time trying to be something they are not? You spend a detrimental numbers of hours looking at yourselves through the mirror of society. I'm too fat. I'm ugly. I'm too short, too tall, too old, the wrong color, sex, orientation... You are who you are on the inside and nothing outside should be allowed to change that. Yet you listen to them. They mold your thoughts, warp your mind into their profits. You look for acceptance from others when the most important opinion comes not from outside but from within. You will not be happy until you come to terms with yourself. A new car won't fix your problems, nor will the new jeans, haircut, friends, location... To be happy in life you must first be happy with yourself. Don't let others tell you that the content of your being is worth less than the content of there's. The scum that is society feeds on the weak. The weak only become so willingly; the strong do not choose to be weak. No one controls the content of your character but yourself. Use it well, it's what makes you strong. It's your life preserver wading through society's Machiavellian Wasteland.