Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Vast Majority of People Are in Fact Completely Undateable

This goes exponentially true about gay guys.  I don't even think gay guys know how to date anymore.  I think that they were robbed of this ability when they were shunned from society.  Many even believe that to date is to betray their gayness and enter into a "heteronormative" pattern of behavior.  I see this very frequently in the unattractive as well.  Straight or gay.  Those who are unattractive cling to the fringes of society and seek out increasingly risky and dangerous ways of finding sexual pleasure.  Both groups become needy and sex-crazed.

Being shunned from society has a lot of negative effects on the ability of gay men to commit to relationships.  Even those most unaffected by these negative effects (ie, generally those who seem straight or else those who can stick up for themselves or have others to stick up for them very well) still seem to slip into these patterns as most of the people they look to date follow these patterns and it's easy to accept that this is the only way to find happiness.  Of course, happiness is never found.

Dating websites and clubs provide the biggest outlets for this kind of sex-driven behavior.  It reinforces what society tells people they should do.  And in turn, it kills most chance of them ever being truly happy.  Gay guys are always looking for that exception, the guy that is different than the crowd.  Unfortunately, most often, the guy himself is exhibiting those qualities and wouldn't attract a guy out of the norm anyway.  So everyone gets stuck in a vicious cycle caused by their shunning from society.


I don't talk about myself frequently, it seems kind of in poor taste since if you're reading this you're probably here more to hear my ideas than hear me moaning about my life.  Well, maybe I'm going to moan a little, feel free to stop reading here though and pick up again on my next post. 

I'm coming to a point in my life where I'm sick and tired of the bull shit that gay guys have put me through and that I have put myself through for relationships with gay guys.  And no I'm not going to try to be straight.  Umm... hell no.  I'm just done settling.  And I don't mean that in a hurtful way.  I'm just done with the drama.  The chaos.  The empty feeling after sex.  I want a meaningful relationship with a guy I can respect and feel good about.  That's not to say I haven't had this in the past, it's just to say that I want this in the future and forever.  I want to meet a guy that I respect and that makes me feel tingly in my heart instead of just in my pants.

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