Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Political Action

There is too little action taken in politics currently. Politicians talk, although I suppose they always have, a good game, but nothing gets done. So, Obama is angry at BP for not doing anything... Well then do something about it! I am so sick and tired of pandering. The Democratic Party is worried that if they do anything to upset the status quo that they will lose seats in the next election. In short, they are depending on pandering to the middle instead of encouraging their base to vote by voting like Democrats. This weakness, real or imagined, is going to destroy the Democratic majority in November. This Congress has been a lame duck since it's inception.

You might suggest that it passed health care. But at what cost? The real plan, the one of Truman and Kennedy, was demolished and replaced by a facsimile of ineffective stupidity. Democrats need to take a stand. They need to find an issue that is important to their base and run with it. This in-between, let's not offend anyone, idea is self-defeating. At what point does the cure become worse than the disease? Why sit around and do nothing useful and then get voted out of office because of a lackadaisical base when you could actually get something done and hold a fighting chance of retaining or GAINING seats in the mid-term election? This is utter foolishness.

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