Thursday, March 18, 2010

Me, Myself, and I to You, Yourself, and You

It's been a while since I've written anything, but I have been busy and little has inspired me to write in the past month or so.  However, I do have a few topics which are bothering me now so I will be beginning with the most pressing currently and in the next few days hopefully adding the rest.

Today's topic is the "GLBTQ community".  That is the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer community (so we don't have to whip out google or anything).  First, I'm not adding more letters, because Queer is a dropbox for the politically correct and all those who need a label.  I hate labels.  But that's of course my opinion.  Likewise, this is of course my blog, so I will hopefully be forgiven for maintaining my beliefs in my own writing.  Of course, as the following will entail, that will likely not be the case.

So what I want to talk about today is promiscuity.  Note that I haven't said that it is universally bad or good.  It is up to the individual to decide what is best for them based on what they feel at the time.  That means that people are free to choose between any level of promiscuity or non-promiscuity they wish  GLBTQ or heterosexual.  No one has the right to judge another for this choice, because it is made based on internally held feelings which do well to validate the external actions of all people regardless of orientation and exclusive of only sex.

Promiscuity is a GLBTQ stereotype.  Not everyone sleeps around and not everyone doesn't.  We are just like in the straight community in this matter (and most actually if we really look- love is love).  Instead of trying to change ourselves into fitting into one category or the other -- either to prove the falsehood of the stereotype or to swamp it, we need to focus on the fact that it is a stereotype.  The negative feelings and positive feelings towards the action within our community isn't want needs to be addressed.  It is the negative feelings towards us through the subject of promiscuity from those of the heterosexual community who take issue with us which must be conquered.  We must point out the double standard.  This same double standard, of the negativity of promiscuity, exists in other spheres than just heterosexual bigots to the GLBTQ community it also exists between misogynists and women, where men can be promiscuous and women need to remain "pure".  We have allies we have yet to tap here.  We need to get on this immediately instead of debating whether promiscuity is a positive or a negative.  It is a personal decision and does not inherently equate to either good or bad.

Also, I want to argue against the use of the word community as I've just used it.  For the sake of simplicity I did use it, but actually I fully disagree with it.  This is not a battle between the heterosexual world and the GLBTQ world.  We all live in the same world and its about time that we start realizing that.  We cannot run from our issues with one another, GLTBQ or heterosexual, any more than Black and White, male and female or other, religious or atheist, etc.  We must invest in the whole world together, GLBTQ and heterosexual, because only by doing so do we have a vested interest in full equality together.

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