Saturday, January 23, 2010

Something's Wrong With Our World

Something is wrong in our world when the interests of the few outweigh the interests of the many.  Not unlike feudal Europe with lords and peasants, today is ever increasingly divided by wealth.  Corporatism has overtaken this nation and indeed this world in the past thirty years or so.  Corporations, granted the rights of people, with the wealth and influence that no one person could wield, have broken down wall after wall of protections set up to limit their influence on the political sphere, the economic market, and labor.

What can we say of a nation which decides it is legal for businesses, whose wealth is not in question, to play any role in setting the rules which restrict them?  In what just world is it ok for those who are looking out for themselves to decide how this game we call society will be undertaken.  In the end corporations are our lords and we are their peasants.  They own us.  From the clothes we wear to the food we eat.  Lead paint, cheap unhealthy foods, restrictions on welfare, the non-guarantee of Social Security, the forcing of Americans who cannot afford to heat their own homes to pay for health care they can't use  -- examples of corporations run amok.

Peasants depended on their lords for protection, for food, and housing.  They provided labor for the lord in exchange for meager living.  Poor homes, long hours, the force fleecing of the labor-force, and the fighting of the lord's wars against other groups.  We have poor homes, we work long hours or no hours if the jobs go elsewhere because it's cheaper, we train our replacements, we work for a pension that disappears and contribute to Social Security which is not promised to provide for us one day, and we fight wars which make companies like Haliburton rich on the backs of America's new peasant class.

It is corporatism plain and simple and we must fight it.  The rich do not deserve to get richer off our labor.  We are worth proper and equitable health care, food, education, and living conditions the same as the CEO's of any major company.  If not for us, there would be no them.  We must stand up.  We must challenge the system of corruption which has installed the puppets of corporatism into our nation's capital before it is too late.  We have been sent reeling these last few years, blows flurrying from every direction and no were to turn, no where to hide, nowhere left to breathe.  We must fight.  We must reject corporatism.  Stop buying from profiteering companies.  We have the skills to fend for ourselves.  They must realize that it isn't us that are dispensable.  It is them.


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