Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Am So Sick and Tired of Being Lied To

After the Bush, I mean Obama, speech given today I've come to a huge realization. I am so utterly sick and tired of being lied to. What kind of man has the audacity to spend an acceptance speech he is making for a PEACE prize that he has won cowing to the murderous ideals of the lunatic Republican fringe? What kind of man can honestly think it's okay to stand before this audience and claim that war is a means to a just end?

He cites World War Two and how war stopped Hitler. Well yes it did. But it was still wrong. It was the wrong action taken at the right time. The right action would have been to intervene diplomatically when he threatened to invade Austria and Czechoslovakia and NOT wait until he invaded an ally of Great Britain and France (in Poland). The idea that it was noble is laughable. We got into the war for the same reason that Great Britain and France got into the war, to save our own asses. It wasn't about freeing an oppressed people. If we were so concerned about that sort of thing we would have intervened when Italy massacred the Ethiopians, when Japan massacred the Chinese, when Germany invaded Czechoslovakia and Austria. We wouldn't have waited more than SIX YEARS to intervene while the world crumbled around us.

If the United States was so concerned with democracy and freedom abroad as Bush and now Obama claim, it is clear that the United States would have gotten involved in even the most hallowed of feel-good wars well before they felt threatened by the Germans and well before Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. In the end, that's what it takes for us to care. It doesn't matter what this or any president claims. History has shown us that we don't give a damn about other nations. We don't give a shit who lives or who dies, just so long as we are safe. And to warp the ideas of peace from war to peace through war today was one of the most despicable things I've witnessed from this White House to date. 1984 was not a manual it was a warning!

It's clear to me now that nothing has changed from Bush to Obama. You can wrap shit in oil profits and military "strategery" and it's still shit. That is what this war and the war in Iraq are about, oil and military position. Nothing more. Nothing noble. Nothing peaceful. And certainly nothing just.

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