Friday, September 11, 2009


Sometimes not politicking is a form of politicking in itself. Usually speaking the very act of not doing something should predetermine that the outcome would be equal to the result of not doing something. Yet now and again suspending a political campaign to "race" back to Washington is in fact a political move. Likewise, the president of the United States not giving a political speech to students about the importance of education is also a political maneuver, whether you want to admit it or not.

Whether or not one argues with this political move, be it a campaign suspension or this educational speech is determinant on whether or not a person agrees with the political figure giving the speech or suspending the campaign in the first place. The content of the message and the reason for the suspension doesn't matter at all in the end. In politics, as in life, all people will bring predispositions and biases into play, without regard to intent, no matter the situation or the intended outcome. According to our biases, we all have blinders.

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