Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The End of A Wonderful Era

I've kept this blog for the last four years, detailing my thoughts and wonders, challenges and struggles, triumphs and victories, and all that other bull shit in between. Four college years. I wish I could go back and absorb all that I wrote at once, to stand back and admire, wonder, and question. But, as anyone who reads this for any length will find: There always seems to be more. I can't believe that I wrote all of it, not contentwise, but lengthwise.

In November of 2005 I wanted this to be a history of my college career, and it has been so far. But I'm not finished. I'll be beginning my MEd in the fall and will through the spring of 2011. So, I guess the endeavor will continue. Thankfully too! It's been only a week since I've been home and already I'm getting claustrophobic. 14 more weeks or so. This year I'm not counting though. Summer will not be an interregnum between two good things that I have to indure. I'll try to find something that will make my summer fun. I'm throwing around a few ideas to begin writing again. We'll see how everything goes. Maybe I'll post some of it here.

Graduation was a blur and my roadtrip was amazing, granted if the car would work on autopilot it would have been all the better. But, I digress. It was great. Now it's just a matter of staying in touch with all of those who graduated with me. And fuck I'm lazy. This will be a challenge to be sure. But, it's one I think I need to do. At least for most people. I may be an asshole but at least I'm not that asshole.

Good night,


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