Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is Getting More Frequent and at the Same Time Less Frequent...

Posting that I'll get back to things for the former and actually posting the latter. Oh well, I do mean it regardless. I've been very busy trying to do nothing when I have things to do. Therefore, it's not a good idea to do something if you have something else to do. It's bad karma. You dig? Well I would, but karma is bull shit too. It's a word for a feeling. I have another word for another feeling... fuck... as it yourself. Go-fuck-yourself.

Go fuck yourself if you think that what goes around comes around. If it did there would be no income disparity in this nation, no trade deficit, and no unemployment.

Go fuck yourself if you think that being good will get you good things. The good get trampled on by the opportunistic. That said, I suppose you could call me a militant good person. Or fucking St. Nick with a riding crop and a AK.

Go fuck yourself if you think that only the good die young. The bad die young at exactly the same rate as the good, but they haven't had the time to prove their badness yet. Badness is far harder to maintain than goodness. For goodness all you have to do is NOT do things. Don't cheat. Don't steal. Don't rape, pillage and murder. For bad you have to do all those things. And consistently to tons of people.

  • Che Guevara killed people, he's adored by ivy league wannabe's. Yet, George Bush was responsible for the deaths and displacements of millions of Iraqis and Afghan's but so few really care, because he didn't kill the "good" people. The ones that look like us, dress like us, and pray like him. They didn't even have to do anything. They're good by default. And Afghan's and Iraqi's are bad by default. For no reason. So, bull shit, good and bad are subjective too -- the good can't die young. One's good is another person's bad.
Well, that's that on this and that. I've got more work to not do.


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