Thursday, February 19, 2009


In this post-9/11 American culture, fear is a norm. Of course, both fear and the "post-9/11 culture" are cliches. 9/11 didn't change America, we did. And fear wasn't the name of the game of Americans until we made it that too. We made fear the national past time. Fear. Fear. Fear. From agoraphobia to xenophobia and everywhere in between, this is a nation of scared children. This nation cannot live up to the fact that it's little dream bubble was popped by three fucking airplanes. Get over it. We are no less safe today than we were on 9/10. It's a fallacy created by the neo-con minority, then in power, as a means to grab control of our lives out of under us.

It's worked too. You fear everything today. You suspect every foreign person is an enemy and a hater of your ideals. You're afraid as you walk down the street, ride the bus, get the mail, or even stop at a red light. They might get you. After all, everyone's out to get you. Clearly, you're entirely full of shit. No one is out to get you. There is no one that you should fear. Fear is the tool of those who want power over you and nothing more. It doesn't protect you; it limits you. Don't let others have power over you; don't fear the unknown; and don't avoid your life just because someone might at some point maybe could possibly want to do you harm. Reality check, most people don't want to harm you. It doesn't matter if they're Black or White, gay or straight, rich or poor, old or young. A vast majority of Americans just want to get along with their lives in peace. What's there so much to be scared of then? There is nothing to go bump in the night. It's in your head America. It's in your head.

Don't fear the unknown. Learn it. Understand it. And embrace it or move the fuck on. This culture of fear that we live in is destroying our nation and destroying our lives individually. Go to the malls again, live within your means, do what you want to do without alarm, feel how you want to feel without reproach, and most of all get it through your head that we're all in this life together and there's no sense looking for bogymen around ever corner.

C'est la vie.


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