Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Was Bored

In the past weeks I had been getting very bored with my old design. It seemed too drab. I stumbled across this new one. I hope everyone likes it. As I said, I've redone the format. I know I can here you cursing now, so shut it and get back in line. Anywho... Elsewise I will also be introducing a Photo Album feature. It is currently up and running, but seriously lacking content. I'll get on that soon enough. Likewise, I have a new Guestbook. Mostly, it's because I've lost the link to the old one, and it may change again as I don't like ads on my pages. Sigh! And I'm sure I'll think up a few other new things down the road.

As usual with this process... it is a work in progress. So, if all the features don't work just yet, bugger off until I fix everything!

Alrighty then. No complaints.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Wikipedia-ism and Bias

Wikipedia-ism is the idea that some information services are unreliable because the content of such sources cannot be controlled by the establishment.

What is fact but truth as it is accepted by the establishment? 2000 years ago, the fact that the earth was flat was undeniable, yet people knew and could prove otherwise.

The idea that doctrine and even thought could be fluid and not a controllable entity scares the establishment, be it governments, religion, or the local 4-H Club. They fear losing control over what we believe. This control is their power and the free exchange of informational "non-fact" can and does threaten the existence and power of the status quo.

Wikipedia-ism will continue for as long as there is someone in power who does not want to share it with others. That power is the ability to choose fact. In my opinion, we should all be able to choose fact for ourselves. Of course, we will not always get it right, but then again neither do they now get it right all the time. Quite the contrary it seems. So, let us all decide for ourselves what is fact and then let us keep it to ourselves. Do not go out and try to convert others. Do not belittle them. Or threaten them. Do not start wars over your beliefs. Do not kill for your ideals.

If you want to say the world is flat, so be it. But if you hang the next three people to disagree, we're going to have a bit of a problem. Do away with doctrine. If you want to live in a monarchy then do so. You are the monarch and you are your sole subject. If I want democracy then let me have my democracy. I will not try to conquer you and instill my values on you. All I ask is that you do the same.

It is high time that we as a nation learn to leave each other well enough alone. If you want to hate me then go on hate me. But leave me well enough alone. Keep your hate to yourself. Let it fester and rot and make you miserable. It is your right to be miserable if you want. But it is not your right to make me miserable. Life is a two way street. Get the picture?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Tale of the Tape on the Human Species

Mankind thrives on conflict individually. Without challenge or inspiration, we fade into complacency and melancholy. We do not live up to our creative potential and many times even take our own lives.

Why then should it be any different for mankind as a whole? History is dotted with complications, with challenge, and with inspiration. Dissent from Church doctrine and the ensuing counter movement led to the creativity of the Renaissance period. The wars of Western Europe led to Western European dominance of the world market for some five hundred years. And the U.S.-Soviet Cold War feud spurred the onset of the Space Age.

The future will likely continue in such "chaos"; if the species is to survive, I believe, it must. Utopia, in a traditional sense will never happen except to be followed swiftly by the end of a section or of the whole of mankind. Man like a flower must continuously stretch to a light source for food. Remove that light and the plant will wither and die. So too will mankind.