Sunday, December 17, 2006

Unwilling-Dystopia 3.0

Since Google now owns Blogspot and reverted everything over to their servers, I was forced to make a few changes. Those changes included the now missing information in the sidebar. As Google likes to control how everything is done, perhaps more than you realize, I can't any longer alter it the way I had from it's original format. So, I may eventually figure out the new template language and how to manipulate Google's widget engine, but until that time, this is what we've got and I'm not going to stress over it. As for the new format in general, that was my change and had nothing to do with Google's meddling.

I would like to pose one question though. At what point does Google become Microsoft? What I mean is at what point does the object of non-conformity become conform itself? Bureaucracy now abounds from Google, and I see the beginning of the end for their success.

As always,

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Mistaken Stupidity

Mistaken stupidity sucks. I'll say it again: MISTAKEN STUPIDITY SUCKS.

It has been the cause of more than its share of hurt. It's started wars even. One leader misrepresents the customs of another and we're a hair's width away from an "international conflict". (We don't call it war anymore.) Of course, the leader probably didn't mean what he said or did, most especially to the affect that it had on the recipient. And now the two nations are at odds over triviality and far be it for me to mediate the dispute behind it.

I am not an unbiased observer in this game of life. I'm sure that at one point or another in my life I've caused others harm with the slip of my tongue. It wasn't intentional of course, just a slip. All I hope is that it was a slip, a mistake I won't soon repeat. For anyone I've wronged this way, all I can give is my apology and hope that in time I will regain your trust. I'm sorry, I truly am, for any such undue harm. There are nicer ways to express one's self than with the forked tongue. I've thought about it long and hard and now can only hope that this error in judgment doesn't start an international conflict.

Monday, December 4, 2006

The Reason Why God Cannot Exist

This is the reason why God cannot exist....

Question: Can God heat up a burrito so hot that even he cannot bear to eat it?

That's all, that's the answer to whether or not God can exist. The answer is no.

Liberal Acquiescence

I want to know where the idea that I should accept everyone's beliefs came from. Yes, yes, I value that they have an opinion and that they are free to believe what they wish, but this should not also entail that I am barred from trying to change their minds. If one is wrong in math or physics do we not correct them? Is it not our duty to correct them? Then why are we forbidden to correct ones mistaken political or ideological beliefs? Some say because there is no absolute answer; but I would charge that neither is morality and the Church seems to like to do quite a bit of persuading. At any rate, it is the duty of all man to make their best attempt at fixing the problems in the world. Only whence we come together and debate and compromise can we make change.

(Compromise of course is progressionary. Neither side gets what they want, but it provides progressives in America a leg up because they now have a basis from which to fight in the future for their absolute goals be those what they may be.)

They say that liberals are supposed to be accepting of others' opinions and beliefs. Why do we let our polar opposites trick us into such a trap? We cannot disagree anymore because we are supposed to be above disagreement and above petty differences in opinion which had led to the backfire of the Enlightenment and the creation of the ideals of "White Man's Burden" by our archaic conservative, reactionary quasi-forefathers whose direct descendants today fear so much the idea that their beliefs are as outdated today as the divine-right monarch's were in the days of their forefathers. Bull shit I say! They will not rob from me my right to dissent! No sir; no ma'am! They will not take from me, from us, the right to mold the future of this world.

I refuse the attempts of our conservative kin to re-animate religious intolerance or use it as a crutch on which to lean as we "liberate" sovereign nations for the monetary profit of conservative-contributor Big Business and Big Oil. They've elected their president on the backs of lowly conservatives and we've got now our thanks, two wars we not only cannot win, but have actually detrimented the very same economic and political position in the world that we were trying to uphold in the first place! We are not safer now; we are less safe. No system, regardless of the trillions of devalued greenbacks we throw at it, is 100% safe. The only guarantee of safety is to learn to co-exist, to have dialogue with those who are different than us. Yet now we have alienated the world with preemptive strikes, abject refusal towards political process, severe violations of international rights mandates and international law, coercion of other nations into a conspiring party whose goal is to imprison people in defiance of international mandates, and mute rejection of dialogue with North Korea. Our president has made this country, our nation, our home, subservient to business interests, a slave to OPEC and Exxon-Mobil, BP, and Orinoco.

We let you convince us that it wasn't our duty to show you the error of your ways and this world in result has alienated all but Big Business and Big Oil CEO's. And STILL you remain convinced of your infallibility. STILL, my friends, you cannot see that you were duped, tricked into political correctness, infighting, and the refusal to action because one may feel hurt or betrayed by our standing up and questioning their views; you felt guilty for belittling them we pitied their stupidity, so much so that those views overtook logical ones, and will continue to do so for years to come!

You were outsmarted, ashamedly no doubt about it, but it was done nonetheless. There was a will and through careful study of your weaknesses, a way; you were shamed akin to the religious shaming of a bygone era! Imagine the reciprocity of trends! What once was long lost (rather disposed of in my opinion) was found anew at the core of our liberal, progressive belief system!

Now that we know the truth, the only thing that matters is what we do with it. Should we continue to deny the impossible, that we, "the elite intelligence", were trumped by the lowly conservatives, tricked by the scum called "Big Business" and "Big Oil", then I fear America is not long for this world. The ideas we stand for are eroding and I propose we halt it. We must be proactive; we must fight back! WE must debate, make OUR point clear! We must take the hard road it's true. We were forced into this place because of our past mistakes and we must fix it NOW, get back on the right track NOW, or soon we will not have the truth on our side anymore. Our rights are being eroded, our ability to fight has one final shot, and this is a battle we MUST win, lest we lose our way of life FOR GOOD!