Thursday, November 9, 2006

Searching for Meaning: Arguments Against Organized Religion

Man will walk the Earth in peace, not however, until the dissolution of religion. It divides us and submits us to another. Man cannot be free of itself until it is free of the slavery of their gods. A time will come when rational thought permeates our thick-headed foolishness.

Gods are the justification of hate, of separation, of inequality. How can one be free of hate, of division, or of inequality when yet they stick to a sectarian community. Divisions in the heart are subject of division in community. And never shall we be free until we think ourselves at heart and in existence equal, thus banishing the sectarian divisions of religious belief.

For the world to be good we must push aside the archaism of this life being a transience between birth and the next life, a way to suffer and earn eternal bliss. Until man focuses on the here and now, we will remain imperfect, we will remain divided, and hateful. Until we decide that this life, be there one after it or not, is worthy of effort, mankind will remain hateful and if there is another life after this present one, continue they have to deny themselves the pleasantries of that life too.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Long Live Blue's Clues

V is for Victory and it's good enough for me. Haha, haha, hahaha. I told you so. True blue through and through. And dispose one bottle of Rum and we're set for a two year Duck season. Just so long as we don't go hunting in mixed company. Liable to get shot. Ah the feeling of a good firing... Two for the Nancy boys and six more in this Op's Ed. And remember never to count on a Red Virgin you'll always draw short. Long live Blue's clues.

Monday, November 6, 2006


What is man but the culmination of all their actions? We are what we make ourselves. No one can make these decisions for us. We believe what we choose to believe. We like what we choose to like. Hate what we choose to hate. We are influencible yes, but not stuck to conforming to that influence. In the end, we must make a decision and that decision guides who we are and who we will become. This is the person that others see in you and the person that they like or hate. That said, vote tomorrow. Vote for the way that your children will see you and your peers. Vote for the way you want to be perceived. Just vote.