Monday, August 28, 2006

August 29th 2005

I know that I haven't given this much of my time over the past year, but now I believe it is more than necessary to add my two cents.

It is the responsibility of the media to report the news. It is their only job. And even they failed. Sure day after day they spoke of the horrors of hurricane Katrina. But, they did not do their job. They did not hold our politicians to the fire. They sensationalised. They used this disaster for their own means, to further their ratings. How dare they. They had the ability. They had the requirement. They were given fish in a barrel and continued to fish the sea. They need to learn that we are not playthings used for ratings. We are not tools for the board members money making schemes. Each and every one of us were failed that day and it's ensuing weeks and months. They've shown where their loyalties lie. Apparently we can put a price on human life.

It is the responsibility of the government to protect its people, not only from abroad, but also from internal stressors. Hurricane Katrina was a freak accident. But in it, they failed us too. It is the responsibility of the United States government down to its lowliest members to work for the American people. To say that they will and to put funds towards it is one thing. But to actually act and to make progress and calm disaster victims. To say to do and to do are different things entirely. And you've failed us all. Our government has made sacrifices against the public discourse for years. Cutting budgets here and there, but nothing too distinct. After all, who would've thought this could happen? But they knew it could happen, or the money would've existed in the first place. They took our money and funded an unsuccessful war on foreign soil. They built a 200 million dollar bridge in Alaska. They cut taxes. They cut federal funding of educational loans further dividing the upper and lower classes. They did this. And many of you voted for them. They made the choice not to give proper attention to New Orleans because it would mean giving less attention to their war, less money to their causes. After all, what are the lives of a few thousand poor people? They don't pay much in the way of taxes, sucking money from public services. And the government is better off without you (so long as you already voted for them). It was win-win for them. So now why don't you tell them what you really think of them? That's your job too.

It is the responsibility of every person in this country to help their fellow man for the betterment of all mankind. It may not be a law, but shouldn't have to be. Looters. Thieves. Scam artists. The whole lot of you. You are what's most wrong with this country. You were there. You could've helped. But no, you make off with someone's TV or computer and let others suffer and die for your selfish act. No one, NO ONE who profited from the disaster has any right to anything that this nation has. You are lower than the lowest. The bottom of the barrel is higher than you. Why? Didn't you take a look around while you were fishing jewelry out of someone's basement? There they were, the bottom of the barrel, the dregs of mankind to some, fighting for life and for their families lives. Racism? Perhaps this has some merit. Classism? Surely this does. But titles and excuses aside, weren't they just people? People just like you? And you decided to prey on them. That's what you did. Preyed on them. You are the reason that over 1,836 people died that day. If you had worked together with your fellow man what could you have done? Came together? Found food and shelter? Medicine? Dignity? Yours is the fate of those covered in white sheets along the side of the road. Yours is the destiny of those who were victims of crime and plunder. Yours is the end of those who suffered more than anyone should ever have to suffer. Yours is ignorance and greed, destitution and disease that has plagued this nation for too long. You've failed us all and you've failed yourselves.


In the end we must ask ourselves what has been learned. Learned? Surely those who suffered and survived have learned a thing or two, but what about the rest of us? Has America really learned anything at all?

As a result of August 29th 2005 strides in the fight against discrimination should have been made. They have not. The government should have realized that their preparedness is lacking and fixed that. They have not. Foreign wars should have been ended so that our National Guardsmen and Guardswomen could come home and protect the homeland from disaster, man-made and natural. They have not. News companies should have moved away from sensationalism and instead promoted the general welfare of the public. They have not. Help should have been given free of charge to all those who needed help. They have not received that help. And this government should have been thrown out of office for dereliction of duty. And it too, has not.

What may have happened if we had the resources and the manpower to resurrect New Orleans on August 30th, I don't know. But I do know that not trying, and not being able to are undeniably the biggest failures in the history of this nation. We ALL should be ashamed of ourselves.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Retracting My Thanks to the Yankee Fans

Upon perusing the sports networks this past weekend, I'd rather pretend I never thanked Yankee fans for anything. In fact, I will go so far as to suggest that they shut their big damn pie holes and let me do the booing. I can't help but wonder if my action towards the fans in the previous week had led to the occurrences of this past weekend. To ensure that it never happens again I'd like to reiterate: FUCK YANKEE FANS! FUCK THEM ALL! FUCK THEM IN THE ASS! FUCK THEM HARD! FUCK THEM ALL NIGHT LONG! FUCK THEM RAW! ...And so forth.

As always,

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Horse's Bush

This just in, and it's about time too, I-TOLD-YOU-SO. That's what I have to say about the NSA's stateside wiretapping program. Just today a federal judge declared the actions of the NSA and it's authorization by George W. Bush to be completely unconstitutional and therefore completely illegal under any and all circumstances.


That's all I've got to say about that. I win you lose.

And that brings me to the other issue I want to talk about... Earlier today in Ohio, an Amish horse and buggy got into a little mishap with an oncoming vehicle. The horse, spooked, jumped out into traffic, rolled up onto the hood and sent four passengers in the car and two in the buggy to the hospital. No where in the report however did they question the health or wellbeing of the horse, which leads me to believe that they shot it. Do the Amish shoot horses? I don't know. Oh well.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yankees Stadium?

So, I thought I'd never say this but here goes. Thank you Yankee fans. ...Well those that booed President Bush's message put on the big screen during yesterday's game congratulating them on building a new stadium.

But to get back to my normal mode, why the hell is Little George building a new stadium anyways? Oh wait, he thinks it'll get NY's minds off the fact that they can't win in October. Poor NYC, poor, sad NY'ers. I'd've figured they'd been used to it with the Mets. No? Oh well. Too bad.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Be Happy

For the one hundredth post here on unwilling-dystopia, I just wanted to say a few things. Hopefully they're more uplifting than my usual dribble.

Concentrating on living life is far more important than trying to find the answer to all of life's big questions. Sure now and again it's nice to wonder about the origin of life or religion or life after death or something like that. But it's far more important to live life than to understand it. Just live and you'll be happy. Let come what may and work through it as you hit sticky spots. But never give up trying and never let life get you down.

I've said many a time that there are things that I've seen or experienced that I wish I hadn't. And many times when I'm in a mood I wish that I could turn back the clock and change these things.

Pain is not what life is about; so don't focus on it. Have fun. Take a walk. Hang with friends. Go to the beach. Do something you find enjoyable. And do it now while you're still young, and if you're no longer that young, still do it now before you get older.

The only limits on your happiness are your own personal fears. We must not let them get the better of us. We wage a constant war on our fear and we have to win if we want to be happy. But don't worry, we can all win. We can all be happy.

There is no one path to life, no one way to do anything. Don't let anyone tell you that the way you're doing it is wrong or improper or sinful or morally reprehensible. You listen to your heart and do what you want to do. From sunrise to sunset do what you want to do.

Let us all live together in happiness and harmony. There is a no more powerful, happy, fulfilling feeling in life than love. Indeed to be loved is the greatest gift you can receive. And it's far too rare today. So let's all try and love someone today, whether it be a spouse, family member, friend, or stranger. Then the world will be a better place and you'll be happy too.

Friday, August 4, 2006

Time Off

Well, I'm going on vacation next week so I won't be around. I'll leave DiscountedMonkey free reign as he continues to tell his story. So, I'll be back in a week, and til then and always FlyFreeForever.