Monday, May 29, 2006

The Enlightenment

History classes teach us that The Enlightenment happened in Europe and the United States (the U.S to be, that is) between the 1500's and the end of the Industrial Revolution. I believe that this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, I believe that The Enlightenment is still going on today. And today it's leaders are social liberals.

True in the 1789 all men were created equal, but it wasn't until 1865 that black men were included, and 1921 until white and black women were included. And still after that point we had segregation, race riots, the KKK, and to this day anti-gay movements.

But I think we are about to reach the top of the mountain on this one. Thankfully, it's been nearly 500 years. In time we will learn to accept the rights of those different from us in all their aspects. We won't look away when a black man or gay couple walks down the street. We won't have need for words like nigger and fag. Someday soon we will see that Arab is not a reason to kill. Neither is race, religion, orientation, sex, age, mental capacity, or ideas.

I do hold out hope for civilization, perhaps we can look beyond the color of our skin, our religions, our differences really and realize that in the end we are all people. And people all deserve the same respect and dignity that you have.

My only hope is that I live to see this come true. Then I will be happy.

Fruitless Debate

I've said a lot of things here in this blog that some might see as political statements. And sometimes, people ask me to defend my statements. Really, I can clarify if you want, I have no problem restating my beliefs. However, I don't desire to debate someone who has a political agenda. If you want to test my theories then by all means. In fact by all means, say anything you want. But, in all likelihood, I won't really care to debate you. You can say a few points and I a few counters, but we never really get anywhere. Neither of us ever changes our minds, at most we clarify our positions to each other. And I really don't care what random people's positions are on anything. It's cold but true.

When it boils right down to the core issue, after hours of skimming off the treacle that is, we come down to a point where we share opposing beliefs on one particular subject, perhaps you believe that birth control is a sin because it stops the reason for having sex. I would disagree. And there's nothing that either of us is going to do to change the other's mind. All we can do is cut through the slop that we've garnered around our beliefs because there is no concrete right and wrong, no real answer.

I believe that we should help one another, someone else may think that we should leave one another well enough alone. We can make excuses as to why we believe that we are right and the other is wrong, and unless we are smarter than the other or a better speaker, we aren't going to change anything. And even if we are smarter or better orally on a certain day, or maybe we got lucky with a heavy uppercut, they're just going to get mad at us and leave. Nothing changed.

So here's what I say: I believe what I believe because it feels right to me.

That's it, nothing more, nothing less. And you can defend against that.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Words Continued...

Semantics. I don't care about semantics. Tell it like it is. Any time this word is used you must understand that I realize that everything you are about to say is pure bullshit.

Gay marriage. For God's sake, get over it. They are supposed to have the same rights as you whether you like it or not. Besides, in siding against it your are actually taking your right to marry anyone you want away as well. Sure, you may never use it, but isn't it nice to know you have the freedom to? It's really not the end of the world.

Gay marriage again. It's not gay marriage, it's marriage. We don't call it traditional meaning straight marriage, so stop using it.

Civil Unions. Same thing, different name. Give it up. There is no sanctity in marriage, as it should be. It is the union of two people into a social and civil contract stating that they will love each other. Why do we need such a thing?

Red State/Blue State. The opinions of the majority do not reflect the opinions of everyone. This is the flaw of republican (not the party) democracy.

Democracy. We do not have a democracy. We have a representative democracy or a republic.

The Parents Council. Why don't you actually parent your kids instead of complaining about why the television, movie, and music industries aren't doing it for you.

Spin. As in in the news industry. Everything, even the truth, has some sort of bias. The difference is that I think the truth is liberal and you think it is conservative. I am right. Guess what's left.

Pedophile Priest. No one is above the law. They must all be tried and the guilty convicted and sent to prison for the same amount of time as any other pedophile. The cloth is not immunity. Those who partake are criminals.

Katrina victims. I see the point, there was a big disparity across ethnicities. Stop reminding me. News is no longer new when it's old news.

Breaking News. Stop interrupting my regularly scheduled program. If I cared I'd be watching CNN or FOX or something else. I don't, leave me in peace. For a couple hours a day I'd like to be able to escape from the painful reality that is the outside world. Leave me alone. If I want to be unhappy I'll ask for it. Thank you.

Disaster. Why is everything weather-related today called a disaster? Maybe it was a catastrophe, or an epidemic, or a mishap. Get these news writers a fucking thesaurus.

And that's all I can think of at this time. There will be more.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Explain the Unexplainable

We are all the same.

This generalization, though failing to capture the massive complexity of human life is in essence true. We seem to think, particularly when in a bad mood, that everything that we experience is unique to us and us alone. I hate to break it to you but just about everything you feel has been felt before a million times over. But don't get me wrong, this doesn't diminish the feeling, not in the least. Just know that everyone generally thinks along the lines of a few basic processes. Some are analytical and methodical; others are free-spirited and careless (without a care that is). There are dozens of these styles of thought, however there are billions of us, not to mention those who have died.

However, though in experiencing all these same feelings we are the same, no two people are completely alike. Families tend to be closer in thought processes. They tend to think as much alike as they look alike. It's genetics. I hate to disappoint you, I know it's not fair (you can't change it), your core abilities were determined genetically pre-birth and there's nothing you can do about it.

When looking at the big picture, everything is interconnected and methodical. There was a beginning and there will be an end of us. But, how can we speculate the beginning or end of the universe, it is extraneous of us. That's like trying to understand calculus by only taking the tests. You may get a few small points but you won't get the whole picture without meeting someone that already knows the whole picture. In a sense, you will not understand the beginning or end of the universe, or the earth, or anything extraneous of your lifetime without first meeting something that is extraneous of it. You have a better understanding of your dog's life, as you were there when it was born and you were there when it died. It is fully comprehendible. However, you may have been there for your sister's birth but (let's say) she outlives you. You will not truly be able to comprehend her death. And to the nth degree with larger things: The galaxy was here well before you and will be here well after you, changing very little in essence while you were therein. We understand very, very little about it.

We tend not to understand these "great mysteries" that we didn't live first without, then with, and without again. We are not able to fully understand the impact they had on us or on our surroundings. We can theorize but we can never fully understand. We can possibly prove that the universe started (in the sense that we were born too) but we will not be able to fully comprehend what that means or what it entails.

The human mind can only comprehend from what it has experienced. True, in a life, it experiences a lot, a whole lot, but questions like the origin of life, God, and the universe will forever remain mysteries even if we dis/prove their origins. We will not be able to comprehend them even without the information given to us by a higher leveled power. We are all the same. No one comprehends on a higher level than another. Some comprehend the human level better than others, but that's it.

But what does that matter in our lives? In the grand scheme of things we are predetermined to a certain path. There is no escaping that. However, because we don't exist on that level of existence (we are individual people, not the universe personified), it is irrelevant. We cannot comprehend our own predestination. To us, life is new every day. We have free will; we make our own choices.

What is life outside the zoo for a chimp? Nothing. They can't comprehend it.

What is life for a veal calf outside of it's pen? Nothing. They can't comprehend it.

They don't long for the outside world if born in a zoo or farm, they know nothing else. We do and in saying that they desire freedom, we are conveying our level of comprehension on them, which is not feasible.

What is our life and death? Nothing. We cannot comprehend it.

Why else would we each deep down inside think that despite all of history's proof otherwise, that we're the ones that are going to be the first one to live forever?

What is God? Nothing. We cannot comprehend it.

I believe that God is a manifestation of the human consciousness trying to give itself in death, because it is not possible in life, a way to understand all that they presently don't . God, in death therefore must reveal all secrets to us.

And that's how I explain the unexplainable.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Little Info

This isn't a blog of any sort just information. Going into it's seventh month of usage One Nation Divided is approaching it's 1000th view. Anyone that wants to view the usage report, it is (and always has been) viewable from the link between the two counters at the bottom of the home page. Likewise, yet on a separate note, feel free as some have to sign the Guest Book. Leave a comment or question or whatever you want if you so desire. I welcome all opinions (that do not discriminate against people) and I will answer all posts as well as any comments or questions posted in response to any article, etc.

That said, I do have some things in the works, but don't have the time at present to post them. Updates soon.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rantings of a Mad Man Part VII: Words I'd Like to Remove From the English Language

You know, I'm sick and tired of hearing the "patriotism" defense when I argue politics with conservatives. They try to use it as a means of proving they're right about some issue, as if their claiming that I am not patriotic like them will cause me some unbearable shame. I don't care. I am not patriotic right now, but you sure are. Patriotism is pride in one's nation. I do not have pride in this nation right now. This nation is going down the wrong track with Bush. They cloak their deception with the American flag and justify it. The American flag is not an excuse to kill people. It is not an excuse to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. It is not an excuse for anything.

Frankly, I find your use of patriotism as a shaming device foolish. I am not a two year old. I do not shame. To quote George Carlin a bit, patriotism is "a big red, white, and blue dick that they shove up our asses." So next time one of you decide to try this stupid, illogical defense, just remember, it has no effect on me.

Here's another one, "moral", as in the moral majority. The way I see it, when it comes to business ethics, we're the ones that are "moral" so stop trying to claim that you are moral.

Likewise, I find Bible toting very ironic. Have you actually read the damn thing? It is quite possibly the single most racist and sexist anthology in publication today. Next time, before you decide to use that defense, take a minute and actually read it.

Another word: technically. In response to the previous, you'll likely say that yes "technically" the Bible is racist and sexist, but only if you take it literally. Oh I see, racism used as a metaphor to teach a lesson.

[This is me pausing to stare at you dumbfoundedly]

So then, the Bible can be interpreted any way that you want to interpret it? So then it has no real value. If that, then the only valid lesson in the Bible is that life is complicated. Let me just say that if you need a book to tell you that, you're pathetic.

Communist. Back in the fifties and sixties a bad connotation was created by people like Joe McCarthy because there was a legitimate fear that the Soviet Union might invade the United States. From there however, the feeling was skewed ( by the Senator). It was propaganda. That capitalism was a great godsend and communism (or socialism) was bad and would not work practically. As a way to unite the country against the Soviets, people like McCarthy and the others in charge of this nation used propaganda to shun communism (as if the domino theory need actually be feared today). Communism is not a plague. It is a series of thoughts, regardless of the interpretations of the beliefs of its "founders", that call for complete equality and complete opportunity. The only difference between communism and the capitalist economy that we claim to have is that the government regulates business. The government makes businesses play fairly. We claim that everyone has an equal chance, but it would be written in law in a communist economy. Now is that really so bad? Some would think so.

And finally, the word "fuck". I don't think people are using it right. It's so common today. Fuck is in our music, in our movies, in our bedrooms (and the bathroom and kitchen sometimes too, unless of course, sex is only for missonary style reproduction, keep the moaning to a minimum, and when the guy's done, its over), basically in our daily lives. So much so sometimes, that we hardly realize that we use it. And, you know what, I don't like how it's used. Of course, I'm not one of those social conservatives that whine about people saying tits or son of a bitch on television. I just think that a word carrying with itself so much force should be used for good and not for bad. Sex is just a start, start using it this way in your everyday life. When you're out and about and see a friend or family member walking towards you just smile and tell him to "go fuck yourself". He'll thank you for it.

Summer's Coming

So, I've been a bit busy lately, but when everything settles down I do plan to write again. Hopefully, it'll be sooner than later. If not, at least by the 25th. I've got a rant in the works for conservative usage of "patriotism". Hopefully I'll get that out soon.


Thursday, May 4, 2006

Thou Shalt Not Discriminate

In the age of post-Enlightenment we have little use for archaic symbols and archaic ceremonies. They are simply not practical for the on-the-move post-modern reconstructionist. Really now, these superstitions are just silly. They are a means of profit for an organization and a means of control of a populace that in the past has been all to ready to let someone lead them instead of leading themselves.

God or no god, these practices are worthless today. If there is a god, then I believe the greatest way one can respect them is to respect ourselves and each other. We have to respect the gift of life, our free will, our own brains for once. We are not a premature people. We can rise up and do truly wondrously great things if we decide to throw off the self-imposed shackles that are religion.

If there is no god, then won't you feel stupid when we figure it out for certain. You'd be no better than the Romans or the Greeks or the Egyptians praying to golden idols. Exactly the same. No different. If you want something to get done right, don't go out and do it yourself; go pray to an idol. Because we right now are right about everything. Forget 15,000 years of preexisting history and the centuries to come. We are right now and they are ALL wrong. Someone should call Vegas and get some odds on that. I would bet that you are more likely to be struck by lightning than have the correct religious beliefs. Hey, people have been struck by lightning before and we've yet to prove a god even exists not to mention if we've been worshipping the right one the right way.

But let's say for the sake of argument that there is a god and he made man in his image. If such a deity existed, and if it was me, I think the first commandment (root word: command) would be "Thou Shalt Not Discriminate." After all, they're my creation, I wouldn't want them stealing from each other the rights I've imparted on them. But that's just me. Maybe a truly enlightened god would make his first three commandments all things pertaining to himself. I don't know, I'm not a deity. Maybe, just maybe however, someday someone in the far off future will find this website and start worshipping me too. They'd be wrong, but hell I'm not one to stop them from trying.