Monday, March 5, 2018

Gravity, Absence, and the Formation and Continuation of the Universe

There are two forces at play in the universe that impact and shape mass.  They are gravity, the attracting force, and it's counter, repelling force, absence.  

Remove absence from the equation for a moment.  Picture the universe as different sized marbles placed on a trampoline.  If the quantities of mass in the universe in any one area break beyond a certain level of density, or in the sake of our trampoline, are heavy enough to impact the surface tension of the trampoline... ie are heavy enough to indent it, the mass will pool together in a central point.  Eventually, if not for a few potential equilibriums being met, whereby a balance is achieved in the mass being equally dispersed so that all symmetrically attract all others, the entirety of the mass will eventually pool together.

In this model on a universal scale, if gravity is the only attracting or repelling force, eventually everything would pool back together into a Big Crunch.

Remove gravity from the equation instead, leaving only absence, and a universe would simply, eventually coalesce in a state of equilibrium whereby a finite space in the universe is filled equally with mass or an infinite universe spreads mass so thin so as to make it's existence approach zero.  In either of these situations, finite universe, or infinite universe mass would no coalesce so much as it would homogenize.  

The observable universe, however, is neither of these examples.  It is not a place where matter all coalesces into a big crunch nor is it a universe where matter homogenizes into a certain symmetrical density or a density tending to zero.  By simple observation, we can see that none of these are true currently.

There are therefore two possibilities.  

(1) The balance between gravity and absence is in equilibrium.  This means that a constant ebb and flow of the two forces determines what occurs to mass in the universe.  You'll find a universe with these rules will have many things in common with our actual observable universe.  Matter does coalesce, but it also breaks up, often (cosmologically-speaking) in large explosions.  Matter never leaves the cycle.  By definition, the universe encompasses all.  In a system that is in equilibrium, the conversion of matter to energy... primarily through the life cycle of stars... energy must then also convert back into matter at the same effective rate.  

Effective rate suggests that the process from energy to matter may be over a much longer term, but encompass much more mass whereas the process of transformation from matter to energy can be relatively quick or even instantaneous (eg. stars forming versus supernovae exploding).  The net result of the equation must be zero, however, if equilibrium is kept.  The system can be a function of both time and mass but together must cancel each other out.

In this system, mass bounces over time between matter and energy in a closed system.  It is perpetual and completely self-contained.  There does exist a logical concern to this, seemingly possible scenario.  Equilibrium is hard.  VERY hard.  The idea that a billion billion billion stars in the universe could all be in equilibrium, while at the same time not being symmetrical is exceedingly difficult, if not functionally impossible.  It is certainly statistically improbable.  In an infinite universe, the possibility of this occurring would tend toward zero as the number of variables (quantities of mass) tends to infinity.  There is another possibility.

(2)  There is near-balance between gravity and absence that tends towards equilibrium but never gets there.  In this system, much the same as the previous system is true, but the system isn't perfect.  The balance is slightly off, and eventually, one side wins.  Look back to our examples of removing gravity and removing absence to see what would occur.  If gravity has the upper hand, eventually matter wins over energy and the universe ends in a big crunch.  If absence has the upper hand, eventually the universe if infinite, will suffer a heat death if finite will suffer homogeneous symmetry--everything would be the same everywhere.  Our model can also suffer heat death, if the universe is itself large enough to spread out its mass far enough, though technically it doesn't have to be infinite, although technically that would itself be defining infinite as a quantity by the definition of what the universe is-- i.e "everything".

From what we can see currently, there is at least a lot of interplay between gravity and absence or we wouldn't be here.  The longer the universe continues the more we can define the universe as approaching equilibrium.  In which way, in fact, we can chart over time any apparent heat loss in the universe as a whole to determine the interplay of gravity and absence, and theoretically could test how close to equilibrium gravity and absence indeed are in our universe.  

Be careful however as there is a potential flaw in this logic.  If we can prove and define absolute zero as a point at which all motion stops without exception, then we can indeed possibly find a universe that reaches heat death.  However, if absolute zero does not, in fact, stop the forces of gravity from attracting mass together, then perhaps even if the universe is large enough for heat death to occur, it may not be possible for it to occur at all.  Additionally, it may be possible for it to occur for a period of time or in specific locations, but not actually end the system at all, if absolute zero does not end all motion in practice as it does in theory.  This in itself is highly likely.  Absolute zero may tend toward being motionless, but the motion may occasionally occur, which means that in that scenario, regardless of the interplay of gravity and absence, the universe wouldn't ever truly end.  However unlikely, it would merely tend toward ending--which much data today actually may support.

Observation is key.  We must observe with greater clarity exactly what occurs before we can make determinations.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Analyzing the Trump Voter

There is a core belief that sits in the hearts of all Trump voters. And that isn't racism or misogyny or hatred of the working poor necessarily. Hear me though on this. Many of those beliefs are for sure A reason why some people support Trump. But they aren't THE reason. 

The reason people voted for Trump is an inherent belief that there just isn't enough to go around. 

Enough what? 

Everything. Anything really. 

There isn't enough food to feed everyone. There isn't enough space to house everyone. There isn't enough wealth to enrich everyone. 

These people believe that they need to get theirs and defend theirs before helping others. This is why people vote against their own best interests. They aren't looking to feed the poor. They're looking to ensure that they are fed themselves and they are going to TAKE what they need to TAKE to ensure that this occurs. They aren't looking to protect women's rights, they're looking to preserve a society from the past that catered to them. 

They simply don't care about others. They don't care about refugees from another country. To them they are competition for resources. They will use and justify using any and all physical and psychological differences that make you different from them to compartmentalize in their minds the belief that they are not more important than you--to dehumanize you. 

The same is true in reference to Black people. 

Gay people. 


There is an entire generation of poor white men in this country that actually believe that there isn't enough to go around. They've been shown the evidence their entire lives by those in power, those manipulating them to gain more power. They have been shown a scapegoat for all of their own problems, for all of the difficulties they've had in their lives--the Black person, the gay person, women, immigrants, refugees, "foreigners", "illegals", atheists, communists, socialists, and so on. Those who don't have can easily be manipulated by those who do. Waive a little chunk of what they want in front of their faces and point to the Black person, suggest that they somehow are the reason they don't "have". 

Keep this in mind when talking with Trump voters. Ask them for yourself if they feel they should get theirs first before helping others or if by helping others they can get theirs. 

The answer will surprise you. 

Or not, if you've been reading the signs.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

What Must be Done

It is very easy to look for reasons why this terrible thing has happened.  It's very easy to mourn and grieve for this loss.  The reasons why and feeling bad for what happened, however, do not solve the problem.

There is currently a realignment going on in the political parties of this country.  All wedge issues and core beliefs are now being bowed around one key issue.  It isn't outsider versus insider.  It's not change versus stagnation.  A change is happening.  At the core of the political realignment going on in this nation and across the Western World right now is the fight between corporation and person.  In one camp the wealthy and their influences are bleeding the world dry, treating people like cattle, a sharecrop between corporations.  In the other, the people of this nation are banding together.

Corporations are not people, as much as certain small numbers of wealthy people would otherwise say.  They have no real power.  It is an illusion.  The election of Donald Trump ripped open the Republican Party, bent over the barrel of corporate interests.  Now the Democratic Party take a hard look at itself.  The fractured collection of differing points of view under the guise of liberalism has reached its breaking point as well.  It will rupture in the coming months.  It has already begun in the highest levels of the Party as it tries to find its voice for the 2018 election cycle.

If we are smart, we tap into the power that has caused the ruptures in both parties.  People. We pull that power into the Democratic Party.  We embrace it.  We remove from the Party all corporate influence, because people, real living breathing people, are at their breaking point.  Tap into the frustration of millions of people in the Western World, who have been de facto enslaved by corporation over the past forty years, and we can rise up and rebalance our society.  We can repair the damage caused by Donald Trump and the uber wealthy.  We can make this country work, as it should, for all of us.  

The fact is that business is not evil into and of itself.  It is however far over-extended in its influence currently.  Wage laws have been decimated.  The earning power of the middle class has been flattened.  Corporations are supposed to work for the people, for us.  We are not supposed to be beholden to corporations.  Peel back the veneer of the corporation and see them for what they are.  They are a few people, fewer than a hundred, who control our health through their impact on the ACA, our education through their big contracts with the Department of Education and the pseudo-functional charter school system that fleeces billions out of education and into their own pockets, to proxy wars functionally carried out by the government but padding the pockets of the uber wealthy and costing us our lives-- quite literally your personal well-being.

In the words of George Carlin, "The upper class: keeps all of the money, pays none of the taxes.  The middle class: pays all of the taxes, does all of the work.  The poor are there just to scare the shit out of the middle class--keep them showing up at their jobs."

We are enslaved to them.

Now is the time to right the ship.  Now power will swing back in our direction.  Not because of Trump.  Certainly not as a result of anything he does.  But in defiance to him.  In defiance to the system he represents.  In defiance to racism, sexism, homophobia, and every other tool of division they use against us to weaken us.  We, the people, are strong together.  One people.  And we are coming.